Criticize me tender

Why are we so afraid of disapproval and why do we so desperately believe compliments?

A cartoon scene where Cinderella, with a wave of a wand, changes from a poor maid into a gorgeous princess was my first acquaintance with the art of Makeover. Then, the most vivid impression was the makeover of Julia Roberts (Pretty Woman) when she is transformed from Los Angeles Street Queen to a charming lady, so, Richard Gere was not ashamed of showing up with her at social events.

What is the secret of those scenes? Why do we like to watch how an ugly duckling, within a matter of minutes, becomes a stunning swan? How plain Janes turn goddesses forcing glamorous divas to leave their catwalks.

Makeover shows’ hosts and producers answered those questions a long time ago (“What not to wear”, “Love, lust or run” etc.) We’d rather prefer watching someone’s criticized, hearing of someone’s flaws, learning from someone’s mistakes, rather than being in their shoes. At the end of the show, everybody look with admiration at Before and After pictures, burst into applause, and highly motivated add another point to their To-do list.

But those Makeover shows have some side effects. Yes, they perfectly blend with our mass culture riddling with headlines: Fast And Nice, Results After The First Application, Maximum Efficiency with Minimum Effort. Trained to believe in miracles and weight loss tea, we willingly deceive ourselves that we can relax, eat delicious food while doing nothing, because if you want it badly enough, a fairy godmother will come and wave the magic wand, and magic dust will turn us into beautiful, slim and rich ones. Attention Ladies! I encourage everyone to continue to believe in miracles, but don’t forget to refine you image, work for the sake of your beauty, that will save the world, undoubtedly. Peace, Labour, May!


5 thoughts on “Criticize me tender

  1. Very good, Marta. Deep in our DNA is a desire to have things we want or need and normally only effort will bring it to us. I wonder if we love the reward and despise the effort and that leaves most of the world believing in spending more time and effort on doing nothing for something than simply working for that reward we seek. Perhaps there is a chemical in turtles we can synthesize and overnight we can live long by moving slow. 🙂

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    • While pondering your comment I realized scientists should definitely synthesize something so that I can reply faster (only the word “definitely” comes into my mind fast enough.)

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      • I think I will casually comment about this to the scientists and let the seed grow until we have a miracle that doesn’t cost a lot and works really fast. If they do it on a government grant then they have to share the discovery for free with the world. No need to hack their computer. It won’t be a secret. 🙂

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