8 марта or Eternal shopping?

If I called myself Marta, there will be at least one post about my name.

At the very beginning of March, people have not yet pulled through New Year’s shopping and After-Christmas sales, but society looks down on you if you hadn’t bought presents for International Women’s Day yet.

But do women need it? And what do they need at all?

Let’s look at the question coolly and calmly.

Under the best of circumstances, a present will serve faithfully, gathering dust properly.

It will be a little bit worse, if the present takes pride of place in the basement or attic, in the box named I-don’t-need-it-but-I-can’t-throw-it-away. It will hurt even more, if your “receiver” re-gift it to her dear aunt or her daughter’s teacher.

But it will be the most offensive thing, if your significant other dislikes the gift so much that it will plant the seed of doubt in your relationships. Which man will allow a poor choice of present to spoil the party?

Is there a way out of it? Arrange a surprise. For example, take her where she’s always wanted to go (a chocolate factory or a farm breeding domestic coyotes). Invite her to a concert of the band whose posters were covering all the walls of her room when you started dating. The wallet is the limit.

Meanwhile  in Russia, in anticipation of the holiday the streets are filled with a great number of merchant tents, where you can buy a symbol of spring, a branch of mimosa.

DSCN08270306 Z 76

The most desperate men believe that it suits perfectly for the title “My most welcome gift”. It has a strange smell. After you discard all thoughts and the laws of logic, you can call it “flower”. To me, better nothing than it.

And how do you celebrate this holiday?


3 thoughts on “8 марта or Eternal shopping?

  1. I believe it is different for each woman, as we are all different. The best thing ultimately is letting them know Judy hoe much you appreciate them through a loving gesture. So, a surprise really does seem the best option to me.😁

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