Exotic you mean Erotic?

Shhh! Don’t pronounce this title too loudly. And, please, don’t get me wrong; all women are amazing. But, in this post, we’ll consider an ordinary white man’s preferences and try to answer the question – Why do men prefer Asian and Afro-Asian women to white women?

By the way, I’m sorry if my pics are not so great. Bad people go to hell, bad artists go to blogs. Bad interpreters go in the same direction ha ha.

Well, let’s get started.

If you remember a great concert movie Eddie Murphy’s Raw (1987) about finding a wife in Africa, we will see the main thought is that the most desirable partner is an African tribal woman (“with a big bone in a nose”).Eddie-Murphy-Raw

Seriously, even if you remember every single word, just see it. It will make you laugh anyway. Along with the fact that African tribal women are calm and obedient, they have body curves, fuller figure and lips. What more can the heart of a man desire?

Culture and genetic pool are shaping our perception of beauty in ways that we don’t even realize. A man unconsciously looks for a woman with a flat stomach, that means she is not carrying someone else’s offspring (spring workout is calling, Ladies ;)) What’s more, a woman with good hips and big breast is a magnet for a man, because it says that her body has enough nutrients to carry and feed a baby, while he is hunting mammoths.

Needless to say, that marriage between people of the same race is preferable in all cultures. It’s just a law of evolution. So, a bird with a bird, a dog with a dog. Animals are smart creatures. If a bird turns its head toward a dog (or an elephant), all the birds in the flock will think it’s just something wrong with the bird.

So how is it possible? We cherish memories of our ancestors in our gene pool, even after a long time had passed. Although mammoths don’t exist anymore, modern baby food industry offers a great variety of baby food, so, there is no need to have big shapes to feed the offspring. For centuries, humans have been creating a strong emotional connection to woman’s forms. It’s hard to break that connection, even if the modern fashion industry wants you to think, that skinny woman is the gold standard.

Is that the answer to exotic women’s desirability? Just because most white girls don’t have the curves? It would be too simple. We must admit that white men like to look at Asian, Spanish, and Afro-Asian women, but they are getting married to someone else. This is the step where our brains are turning on, and we see ourselves through others’ eyes (our family’s and relative’s eyes). Of course, they think those girls are perfect, too. Yeah. Not for marriage but just for dating.



Have you ever thought why we prefer exotic fruit to familiar fruit? For exactly the same reason we want to be with rare person. Most rare fruit tastes like more common fruit. But, we used to think, that exotic means rear, rear means good. If something is difficult to find, it seems to be much more desirable.

For those, who think their relationships are stable, and no one Tyra or Naomi can ruin it: I know, this news is hard to believe, but, spring is here. It connects with high energy and particularly sexual appetite.

Visual Animals pic

Just remember, men are the most visual animals ever. That’s why I will never be tired of saying – ladies, don’t take fashion too seriously. Men consider most designer things and fashion trends strange and unattractive, sometimes even ugly.

For example, skinny jeans are not in fashion now, but do you really think your butt and legs look so attractive in so-popular-now mom’s jeans?


These women look so completely different, don’t they? Will fashion trends be able to change the law of attraction?

Just imagine, you have a fascinating outfit today, wearing the last collection’s things, mom’s jeans and fabulous bag; and your man is turning his head to look at another girl in skinny jeans, just because her body is amazing in it. Then, why do you need those things and stylish bag (of course, if not to knock his turning head with the bag).

Ladies, why do you want to look attractive for your female friends, showing your new hot shapeless coat, but not recognizing no one man is going to turn his head in your direction, when you are in this coat (of course, if he is not a fashion photographer).

P.S. I don’t give a categorical answer. There are no right answers. I try to urge my dear readers to think and find their own answers. I just call for reflection and personal understanding. And I’m hoping that everyone will find the right balance between fashion and the law of attraction.


2 thoughts on “Exotic you mean Erotic?

  1. You make some very good points. The complexity of how women interact with the vast world of fashion and beauty enhancement and modification is bewildering to most men. If my life depended on an equal amount of knowledge in all these fashion and beauty things, I would die quickly having never seen myself naked. The visual message a woman sends about herself is the key. Men’s tastes vary as much as women’s shoes and lip color so there is no one solution to every heart. Once the door is open through the signals of visual appeal then the world gets very complicated but that is a different story for later. Most important is that visual appeal is only the start. The beautiful soul and loving heart dressed in elegant appeal creates a storm of love at first sight. 🙂

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    • A vital problem in fashion industry of all time is the trade-off between the aesthetic beauty itself and the pursuit of fashionable things. Women often forget that style begins by looking good without any clothes. It’s not only about looking good in fashionable things, it’s about looking good in everything, staying fit and open-minded. Of course, the beautiful soul is the primary thing.
      And, yes, it’s another story altogether 🙂 Thank you for your comments)

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