Stand out, please

Who says you can’t do this and that?

It is generally accepted that women buy women’s magazines and men buy men’s magazines. Do you know what to do if it so happened that you were born as a woman but one day you realized that men’s magazines are much more interesting, informative, and contains more humorous discourse (at least they contain humor). Don’t deceive yourself. Buy men’s magazines or read magazines your boyfriend buys. There is nothing strange about it. But if he realizes that he is more interested in Cosmopolitan, Vogue or Knitting for expectant mothers …


It is generally accepted that there comes a time in every woman’s life when all her friends start vigorously getting pregnant. The situation is aggravated by the fact that at exactly the same time your parents and hubby’s parents start asking about grandchildren. You shouldn’t succumb to outside pressure. If you’re not still feeling the urge to keep talking about biekost, posseting, and bloating for three hours straight, then your time has not yet come. As you know, there is a time for everything, even for a diaper rash…

babies babies

It is generally accepted that working in the office is a symbol of stability, continuity, and certainty. But what if the mere thought of the dress code and scheduled lunches causes your right eye twitching? And what if the thought of the brainstorming and corporate parties causes your left eye twitching? Stand on the path with freelancers. If the mere thought of it makes your both eyes twitch, it doesn’t matter, there are plenty of other options. The key point is to continue searching.

work work — копия

It is generally accepted that men should give flowers to women. Don’t do it. At least in my case 🙂 There is no need to remind us once again that every beautiful flower will wither away someday.


It is generally accepted that if you wander around other blogs and write in the comments “Great post! Check my blog….” and leave your link, you will gain so many followers you don’t even dream about. It reminds me of our old markets and food fair in Russia, where unpopular sellers had to shout loudly, “Sweets! Bagels! Sweets! Bagels!”, to attract customers to their stand. I can’t act like this, I just don’t have the heart to do this, and you?

бабка ярмарка базар зазывать

It is generally accepted that we tend to read inspirational and motivational posts. It’s so addicting! Reading those post regularly makes you feel you need extra motivation and inspiration all the time. It makes you think you always need an external impetus to move forward. I came across a great deal of blogs that contain only motivational posts, and to tell the truth, they don’t involve any new information. But they are the most popular and subscribed blogs on the Internet. Just stop and inspire yourself.

Break the mould. Go beyond those bounds.

I hope I have not written another motivational post … oops.


6 thoughts on “Stand out, please

  1. I remember my grandparents had plans that I was to take over the family bank, “It’s the only field a woman can really prosper and climb in,” they would explain. I worked there a few summers but the idea of a desk made my skin crawl. The idea of a typical 9-5 left me feeling dead inside…and that’s how I ended up in retail. 😉

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  2. Hey Marta, I am nearly leaving town, even as I write this to you. I am now an official stalker, and you wll have to deal with that as well as you are able. I wasn’t looking to do that, as I am going away for an unspecified length of duration, but that is how those cookies crumble. I have enjoyed meeting the person, you were willing to show! See ya soon. Squatch

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