Why women not funny

Nothing is as universal as humor. Everyone smiles, men, women, children, infants, and if we look closer, we’ll see that even some bloggers smile. But is humor gender-free? I don’t think so. Here is why 🙂

Let’s face it, it’s more difficult for women to be funny. A woman is considered to be a specific creature by the society. We want to admire her, we want to worship her, we want to watch her and defend her. But laugh at her? No. Even now, please note – you’re reading the post and it’s not funny. And why? Because I’m a woman. And if I replaced the name with Mark Frant, for example, there would be no end to encouraging smiles and explosive laughter.

Have you ever seen female stand-up comedians? I have. There is a never-ending list of male comedians and many of them are quite popular (Bill Cosby, Jim Carrey, Eddie Murphy, Zach Galifianakis and many others). For sure, women’s names sometimes appear timidly in the list but they’re forgotten very quickly and marked as the funniest and the most popular very rarely.

Initially, during the origination of stand-up comedy, there were clubs for such entertainment called Working men’s club, where women were allowed to be as waitresses or dishwashers only. Even now, after 150 years, such club’s gentlemen admit they would rather batten down the doors with iron bars than break their “men-only” rule.

Not only we, real women of flesh and blood, failed to win a humorous Olympus. Cartoon heroines also had a hard time. Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and many, many others. Beautiful, bold, charming, clever, cute – they are anything but funny.

And now, feeding-time for the male ego. In the Hall of men’s Fame we invite…. Homer… Homer Simpson! No wonder he was recognized as the funniest and most popular hero of his time. Now imagine a female character in his place.

Unattractive “plus-size” woman in middle age, who already went to seed, from the words “active lifestyle” she only has an active eating disorder, and her fridge receives nearly 50 views in the evening. Does that sight make you laugh? It seems to me, quite the contrary.

And Woody Woodpecker? Just imagine a cute blue chick in his place, who is going back and forth about her business, laughing funnily, and then to top it all she has kids – chickens with red tufts. She is in over her head with cares – household chores, job, mortgage, hubby is a woodpecker (and always blue) – so, there is nothing to laugh about.

And PMS? That’s another cheerless story entirely… with bloody denouement. At such times, you shouldn’t expect kindness, affection and understanding from a woman, not to mention the sparkling jokes and amusing anecdotes. In those days, even the owner of the finest sense of humor in the world will be able to squeeze out just a little bit of sarcasm with a touch of irony.

Speaking of sarcasm. The only female character who makes me smile and sometimes even laughter childishly is Daria (Daria Morgendorffer). The whole world quotes her snarky remarks; and her image of a troll-misanthrope has taken its place in the history of humor forever. Humor and a woman don’t sound like mutually exclusive things in this case because Darya’s feminine traits are not among her many talents (the lack of makeup, the lack of women’s wardrobe, the lack of the slightest hint of secondary sexual characteristics do the trick).

You may tickle your imagination yourself. Just replace your favourite cartoon and movie characters with female ones. And see what’ll happen. Thank you so much for your reading. If you are still reading…

P.S. If while reading this post, you wanted to smile or you’ve even done this, don’t have illusions about it, there is no women’s humor, and that’s just the play of your imagination.


20 thoughts on “Why women not funny

  1. So very true, you made me think about this topic in a whole new way. I remember in high school the “funny girls,” weren’t all that attractive. It’s either one way or the other to be pretty and boring or funny and not so attractive. Have you ever seen Kim K smile? 😉


  2. Ironically, it was a woman who inspired the creation of Woody Woodpecker (for details, see my new post HOW MUCH WOOD COULD A WOODPECKER PECK – and thanks for your comment thereon, Martafrant).

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  3. A very thought provoking subject that has evaded my male rat brain until now. I find it hard to admit my guilt. As a male bi-pedal hominid my heart is always captivated by the woman that makes me smile. I’ll blame my DNA to make it easier to accept. It’s not that women are not humorous, they certainly are, and they excel at it. I can only speak for myself but it appears there is a defect in me that prefers the humor of a woman to be intelligent, alluring, a little risque, and engaging. When that happens all thoughts of Woody Woodpecker evaporate but the smile and happiness is still there. I deserve a lot of hate for feeling that way but my DNA can’t change. I’ve tried. I have the empty vodka bottles to prove it. And because I never know when to shut up – I find your blog very witty and humorous and I hope that isn’t insulting. 🙂

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  4. I have to disagree. Watch Parks and Rec and see Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza. They are so good that they alone can carry the show. I think what matters for a joke to be funny is the way it is delivered and not the gender haha.

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      • oops ya I realised haha. Ok i am laughing now, i really thought you were writing a serious essay on why women are not funny. You win haha, now i am officially confused.

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      • really? =) Now I think I should to write an anti-post for this post so that everyone can understand me in a “funny” way haha:)


    • I tried to prove the opposite to the headline. Now I see I failed to do this))) I’ll say more, I try to show that women do have a sense of humor by my blogging. I failed again, I see 🙂 when people don’t like my another post, they just like this one (now I know what they mean) 😀


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