My spring To-Do list

Today when I woke up, I saw out of my window this picture…


A couple of days ago we wore light coats and summer shoes and now… You never know what to expect from the Russian spring.

So I decided to make the Russian To-Do list out of a common To-Do list.


  1. Open the windows

Close the windows

  1. Feed the ducks

Make a cold-proof birdhouse for the birds which returned too early from the south

  1. Listen to the birds singing

Drink vodka

  1. Bring home a bouquet of flowers

Bring home your bear’s kennel. Offer him vodka

  1. Put your new spring coat on

Make an ear-flapped hat out of your new spring coat

  1. Take pictures of the beauty of spring

Take the pictures of Lenin and Stalin down from the wall and move them to safity (until a true spring comes)

  1. Wander in a meadow

Wonder why the birds are still alive…

  1. Have a picnic on the grass

        Offer your bear some more vodka. If he refused, threaten to make him into a picnic blanket

  1. Pick fresh berries

Split logs and put them in the nuclear collider

10. Try something new!

DON’T even try…


6 thoughts on “My spring To-Do list

  1. Now that is what I call a perfect list to survive a late spring arrival. I think #3 and #9 should warm things up very nice and go very well with #5! This made my day with a big smile and I hope Spring brings you a big smile very soon or you will need more vodka. 🙂

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