How to look to feel Good

I drew this picture in the beginning of my career of graphic designer. It can be clearly seen why an ending of career was not long in coming…

Some women’s life is held under the motto “Ho hair, no problem”. They walk along the streets with their short-haired heads proudly raised, and they do not look in every reflective surface of the shop-windows to fix their hair.

Others, on the contrary, firmly believe that women’s hair has a powerful energy and life-giving force, and the longer their hair, the more happiness and men’s views they attract. So, those girls separate good from evil, the egg whites from the yolks, then vigorously mix them until smooth, and rub it gently into the hair roots, only during the waхing moon in Leo.

The same can be said about clothes.

Some women keep track of all the men’s collections to get inspired before they go out shopping, think that сongratulations on March 8 are unnecessary conventionalities, and consider the day when Marlene Dietrich started wearing men’s trousers publicly as a holiday on a national scale. (Women don the pants in 1932… I was asked to remind)

Others, however, don’t imagine their existence without skirts, curling tongs 3-in-1 for the simultaneous twisting of eyelashes, eyebrows and hair, and strongly believe that the words “ruffles”, “lace”, and “sequins” are in a dictionary of synonyms in one row with the words “necessity”, “urgency”, and “importance”.

Let’s see how these preferences affect women’s appearance, behavior, and life in general.

We’ll slightly dilute my philosophical nonsense with scientifically proven facts.

Our decisions and actions are very often determined not by conscious behavior, but behavioral priming.

Behavioral priming – effect in which exposure to one stimulus influences a response to another stimulus. I can’t remember such a difficult meaning, so that’s Wikipedia. Simply put, what we see and hear alter our perception of further information.

Similarly, what we wear has a certain effect on our behavior and the way other people treat us.

For example, proponents of this theory argue that freelancers and people (others actually don’t combine these definitions), who run their business from home, do not achieve great success if they work wearing their pajamas and torn slippers. On the contrary, we will be more competent and productive, if we know we look elegant. That doesn’t mean we should scare our family and go into the bathroom wearing a pinstripe suit with a bow tie. Just change out of your pajamas into a comfortable cardigan and jeans.

Here’s an example from my personal experience. One day the thirst for spring transformation made me have a new haircut. It turned out later that such a hairstyle I wore when I was a teenager. I began to notice that my long-forgotten teenage complexes are returning to me as I’m looking at the world through my oblique bang. This is a little story of a girl who thought she changed her hairstyle, but actually her hairstyle changed her…

The girls, whose wardrobe staples are short skirts, leggings, and leopard print blouses, complain that “all guys are the same” and “all guys only have one thing on their minds”. At the same time,  that kind of lady is thinking about finding the Man of her dreams and marry him. Sometimes the girls don’t even think that their clothing preferences lead men astray, creating the wrong impression of them.

The girl, whose wardrobe staples are black, gray, and dark blue pantsuits, complains that men don’t see her as a woman. Tightening her hair in a tight bun at the nape, she grumbles that men don’t ask for her number, but often ask her for a cigarette.

So, the next time you notice men have ceased holding the door for you, and women wink at you in a strange way, stop and think maybe it was a wrong decision to put on a tuxedo and a hat on today’s casual Friday…


3 thoughts on “How to look to feel Good

  1. Whatever we wear, tends to give off our personality no matter what it is as, it’s all about how we wear it and the vibe we give off to others. If we wear our clothes well and feel comfortable, at ease and confident in them, others will naturally pick that up.

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