High-calorie blogging. Why do you eat those posts?

This post is about food.

For those, who have not closed the tab yet after the first sentence, the truth is this post is about blogs.

And now, the information for those who are still reading even after previous meaningless sentences (you passed the test). Now you have access to the most relevant information at the moment.

The process of writing a post is a mystery, a magic similar to the art of cooking. Some bloggers carefully select ingredients before writing, look for the products at the different markets, choose the most organic and fresh ones, marinate all the information properly, add a pinch of irony and use a delicious sauce, made from colorful photos, quotes, and humor, to drizzle over it. Reading those posts leaves a pleasing taste in your mouth.

Note: The dish can be served with aromatic wine made using interesting links and shocking facts.

Other bloggers throw all they’ve found in their fridge into the post, serving it undercooked, or do not care about serving at all.

You’ve probably heard many times that the secret to writing a successful blog is writing from the heart. When a chef prepares his favourite dish for himself or for his family and he don’t have to adjust to the critic’s preferences, the dish exceeds all expectations.

Write a dish

from the heart

If you look at it from a different angle, you’ll see that a way of reading is similar to a way of eating. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether they are information gourmets or gourmands.

It’s no secret that some people don’t hold phones in the hands only while they sleep (it’s said that human beings with strong willpower are also able to get rid of phones while they wash their hands…not a scientifically proven fact).

We read everywhere – standing in queues and traffic jams, during breaks at schools and lectures at a university, on a date and at the meeting, at lunch and at dinner, walking down the street and talking to parents. Has anyone thought that the “information” bulimia is also a dangerous disorder as well as bulimia itself? And if we don’t tame our appetites, this can have some rather unpleasant consequences.

That’s why more and more people are becoming vegan (welcome to my fat-free blog =)) or even turning to fasting, deleting all their accounts from social networks and blogging platforms.

Note: according to nutritionists, the most important thing is not to skip breakfast. So, 10 minutes of reading WordPress Reader will charge you with all the necessary vitamins and microelements for the whole day.

We got used to the mass media provide us the freshest news and information in abundance, spoon-feeding thoroughly, serving it in such a way that we eat anything and then return to have seconds.





And the more we eat, the more ravenous we become. So, we can notice two tendencies appear – a hunger for information and information obesity.

We want more information. Different information. Just imagine, every single day you would see  the same phrase “Oatmeal, sir.” in News Feed. No matter how you love your oatmeal (yes, yes, I know, it’s hard not to love it), a few weeks later you would agree to spend the rest of your life in Russia, but not to see the oatmeal.

Let’s think, maybe we should sometimes fast and turn to “information lent” several times a year?

Bon appetit


12 thoughts on “High-calorie blogging. Why do you eat those posts?

  1. Great analogy. I love reading and love food. And just as with food, I am picky about what I put in my body, I am picky what I put in my brain. thank you
    And thank you for liking my blog and following me, great to meet you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for those warm words, I’m really glad you enjoyed this tasty post =) I think, too, it’s highly important what food and “information” food we eat. And, great to meet you too 🙂


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