Russian Evolution

I continue my noble mission of dispelling myths about Russia. I won’t be able to dispel the most egregiously absurd ones, but they are so touching that I can’t help telling you these things.

Note: this post has nothing to do with public policy, so who opened it in anticipation of political intrigues, racist scandals and economic investigations, you can close it with a clear conscience.

Many countries believe that the general laws of evolution and logic timidly walked past Russia. Why timidly? Because it’s said that the Russian mentality should scare all that associated with the words: education, innovation, civilization, modernization, and other -ation. We disagree, of course, but we can do nothing, all that’s left to do is to grieve (as desperately and heartily as only Russian can) and wipe our tears secretly with Orenburg Shawl.

For supporting my thought, I would like to bring to your attention an entertaining video that like a Bluebird of happiness have flown around the Internet for a few hours. In the video a “Russian woman” Olya Povlatsky, who represents the complete set of stereotypes, that gives a gentle hint that Russian women are not the most sensitive and delicate creatures on earth, to say the least. I give a link to the video as a Print Screen, since that’s the only suitable format for watching this video.

Olya Olya

Every patriot truly believes that all animate and inanimate forms are developing rapidly in his country, and he like a good citizen has a direct bearing on this development. So, he moves up the corporate and evolutionary ladder confidently, visualizing the results of the progressive development as something like this:

Russia 2Russia 3

Now I’ll show you a picture from an ordinary children’s book with Russian folk tales. My mom used to read to me this book when I was a kid. Now, of course, she doesn’t read it to me, because I’m an adult and I read it myself. This is how a typical inhabitant of the earth imagines our evolution from the time of the abolition of serfdom (I’m aware that you know it, but that’s just in case, serfdom was abolished in 1861):

russian-dress-10russian-dress-10 — копия

In the pictures you can see that we haven’t changed so much. The greenhouse effect and the consequences of global warming already allow us to walk without a hat. Moreover, now there is no need to bend over when we come into Russian izba.

But as I’ve promised, it’s time to show the world the raw truth. There are two reasons why we are able to evolve like any other living things. The first reason is the right hand. The second reason is the left hand. And since our common ancestors managed to make fire with those two reasons, I think we have a chance to make something, too.

So, let’s not discuss Russia so actively. Let’s change the channel. There are a lot of no less beautiful topics of discussion than Russia (for example, white rhinos courtship, pea vegetation period or women’s football).

P.S. I was drawing the picture for this post for so long that my artist’s alter-ego almost convinced me to select a category Art for the post. But judicious and impartial writer’s alter-ego won, and I published it in Cooking.

In Russia they say:

“We would like to live better

But we have to live funnier” 😉


11 thoughts on “Russian Evolution

  1. It’s a little known fact that all western winners of the Nobel Prize in mathematics were tutored by Russian school teachers. Einstein wasn’t a genius, he had lots of Russian friends. That only made him clever. And what is really genius is knowing one shouldn’t evolve to failure once you have something that works. Like Vodka. Why change it? It works perfectly. 🙂

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