Too good to be troop (or Women’s fears)

It’s been a long time since I’ve written about women here. This is not a good sign because, as we all know, women need constant attention, like the flowers need the sun, the birds need the sky, and I need worldwide blogger’s fame.

Today, our debate topic (and I sincerely believe that 2 comments is a hot debate) is women’s credulity. Based on my own observations, I may say that women are the most gullible creatures on the planet.

I believe you’re reading

 my blog now

The reason for this is very simple and lies on the surface of our tender nature. It is our fears. We are called the weaker sex not because of our physical infirmity or inability to lift 150 kilograms (I will put an honor to serve as living proof on the fragile shoulders of female bodybuilders Nicole Bass and Rosemary Jennings).

When we are reaching for a small spoon to enjoy our favorite dessert, the fear of getting fat is already here. It always goes hand in hand with the fear (getting fat* and) of being alone and never, never get married (or not to get married for the second time, or third).

My mom always tells me, “Don’t eat too many sweets, or you will never get married, and the Tooth Fairy will take away all your healthy teeth and give tooth decay instead.” Our mothers don’t warn us that with the Tooth Fairy can fly the Guilt Fairy and the Cellulite Fairy.

Wearily shambling, a fear of ageing follows just behind the previous ones. This fear is probably one of the very first fears that begin to excite our imagination. On the day when our moms tell us that the next day would be our first day of school, we realize that the fear of old age will haunt us until our old age.

And a fear of appearing stupid will complete this fearful list. When a man says something, and a woman looks at him, nodding and blinking, that doesn’t mean the woman is in love. She is just afraid. She is terribly afraid of creating an impression of being a stupid girl who can’t determine the difference between Vista and XP and doesn’t distinguish a crescent wrench from a spanner wrench. So don’t rush to ascribe to yourself the title of the most seductive seducer in the history of mankind, if a woman stares at your mouth, when you are talking about your graduation paper in Mathematical Sciences. Perhaps, at this very moment her mind is working feverishly, recalling whether we can divide by zero or it’s impossible.

Do you know the difference

between Vista and XP?

Therefore, having all these fears in our arsenal, we are ready to believe in any miracle diets, creams, magazines, sites, blogs, and compliments, but not to be face to face with all those horrors that are lurking around every bend of our imagination.


8 thoughts on “Too good to be troop (or Women’s fears)

  1. I learn something each visit and of course want to help start the debate. I believe one needs fear to be courageous. To me, the most courageous woman is the one that likes being a woman and doesn’t fear her life as it unfolds. Of course, there is always the discomfort of those fears. They never go completely away. Last year’s dress that is a bit too tight shouldn’t stop her from buying a new dress, enjoying a delicious dessert, drinking the wine, and finding her way back to her lover’s heart. It takes courage to do that. Other good virtues may also help. 🙂

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    • Chinese culture believes there is a positive energy in sugar for women. So they get whatever they want to eat because it is thought that they maintain natural female energies by this mean. But if I need to choose between buying a bigger dress and workout, I would prefer the latter 🙂

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      • And you are also courageous to workout because that is much harder and takes a lot longer than shopping for a new dress 🙂

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