All I need is Inner Kid?

Today, we see everywhere how successful, respectable adults begin to act like children and do things they used to do many, many years ago. “Unleash your inner child within you, let yourself enjoy the life without asking anything in return”, they say.

On social networks, I quite often come across a girl who is approaching her 30th Birthday, but the top priorities in her value system are still Kinder Surprise, chewing gum Love is, chocolate bars and drawing stuffed animals of all colors.

And what if someone still lives in this children’s world, and outer adult, covered with first wrinkles and mortgage loans, cannot cope with already-not-so-inner child. And what if the inner child will win and you will end up working for lollipops and box office earnings of animated cartoons for the rest of your life?

Such people often complain that they are taken seriously neither in the office nor at the playground during their lunch break. So, how to understand that your inner child began to overplay?

  1. Your boss demands a monthly report that you should have prepared a year ago. You look at him begging for mercy, recalling the weekend you had spent at the theme park, and tell him something about your neighbors, pregnant cat, traffic jams and home repair.
  2. You came home and realized that you have no ingredients for dinner, because number one thing on your grocery list was colour crayons. You have rushed to a cash register after you have been searching for them for ages, painting in your mind how you will paint your favourite cartoon characters with the crayons. Husband nods sympathetically, knowing that modern medicine is powerless here, and with a heavy sigh, takes a frozen meal out of the freezer.
  3. You loved that bag. And even though it doesn’t match anything else in your closet, and after purchasing it you will need to update your entire wardrobe, you knit your painted (yeah, we know you adore painting) eyebrows and stomp your feet (it always worked 25 years ago). Your husband is disarmed and the bag is yours.
  4. After eating cotton candy and another cone of ice cream, you suffer from diathesis and extra kilograms? Blame it all on bad ecology and genes.
  5. Wearing a yellow jacket, orange trousers, a green scarf and your favorite red sandals, you look at yourself in the mirror, and even your children’s intuition tells you that it’s too much. You reluctantly leave the green scarf at home and go to work (after all, you have an important meeting, you should look presentable).
  6. All the friends who come to visit you, admire a new children’s room and ask when you plan to have a baby, you just shrug, embarrassed, and say that it’s not the children’s room, it’s yours.
  7. Most of your former classmates drive brand new cars, and on your list of the latest achievements is a doodle of the Lion King and an assembled puzzle with Bambi Deer (but it’s beautiful!). The fact can’t spoil your mood, and on top of this, it’s much easier to jump into puddles without a car.

6 thoughts on “All I need is Inner Kid?

  1. LOL! I swear I only color, do puzzles, and play with dolls when the kids come over to visit. When I am not being scolded by a 3 year old for screwing up the place setting at the tea party, I am watching my blog statistics to see if they will go up by one. 🙂 You nailed me with #7

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  2. I like this post as I am one of those who relishes in being the inner kid sometimes as work stressors gives me a safe zone…hence being a kid with stuff toys and weekend wear with bermudas and cartoon character T shirts ha ha

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