How to know if it’s serious

  1. The main location of your love correspondence used to be on computer screen or phone, now you leave love notes for each other on the fridge (between a chore schedule and your last year’s to-do list).
  2. He used to choose flowers for you by himself, now you’re doing it together (and now it’s potted flowers).
  3. Answering to your request to walk your dog, he used to suddenly remember that he should buy a gift for his grandmother’s 100th birthday and, on the way to the party, buy some meds for allergies to dogs, now he buys it walking your dog, and then washes her paws.
  4. He used to wait for you for 2 hours in the street / in the cafe / on a bench in the park while you were getting ready to go out, now he waits for you 2 hours (just at your house).
  5. He used to forget how many teaspoons of sugar you put in coffee, now he remembers perfectly not only that, but also that you drink coffee without sugar.
  6. “Healthy human beings express feelings, such as affection, by giving gifts.” (House, M.D.) He used to express affection for you for New Year, March 8, February 14, and your birthday, now you express affection to you together any time you want to go shopping.
  7. When you were sick, he used to send messages to you “Get well soon honey”, now you send him. First to the pharmacy, then to the grocery store for lemons (and don’t forget to buy honey).
  8. To make an ordinary day feel like holiday, you often used to bake his favorite cake, now you only bake it for the holidays (and don’t forget to buy some flour!)
  9. You always used to forget to screw the lid on the toothpaste, now you know who you will blame it on.
  10. You used to not like his wardrobe choice, now you wear his shirts and T-shirts a little more often than your favorite sneakers (he could not by any possible stretch wear yours).

7 thoughts on “How to know if it’s serious

  1. I love this 🙂 it’s beautiful! It really captures what true love is. Love isn’t the initial infatuation. It’s much later when you are comfortable with one another and seen all there is to see in the person. The bad and good times. Thank you for sharing! x

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