High IQ? Lucky you

A woman should keep up 3 things – keep up a conversation and keep up with her man. Okay, two is enough.

In the 21st century a modern woman has well-groomed hands, well-groomed hair and well-groomed brain. Every woman decides for herself how to care for her brain by virtue of the capabilities of the brain itself. She can resort to the use of external influences, brushing her hair with a stiff bristled brush, thereby increasing the blood circulation in the cerebral cortex. Okay, in the skin of the head.

You can resort to more sophisticated methods, such as, for example, reading. If she appeals to the lack of time, don’t believe it. If she has found the word “appeal” in the dictionary, she will find time to read books. Look for her images where she’s wearing glasses, with a hashtag “geek chic”, on the social networks and gently hint that one can’t just put on glasses, we must first earn it. What else can help you earn a -6 if not reading?

Scientists have denied a long-held stereotype that men prefer dating dumb or uneducated women. Yes, they love them, but if there is such an additional option as brain activity, no one will object.

Throughout the long story of human evolution from Homo erectus to Homo sittus-in-an-office-chair men are tired to decide everything for himself. What car to choose, what drill to buy, where to throw socks – never-ending process of making decisions causes stress accumulation. Combined with the uncomfortable office chair this may lead to undesirable complications.

How can you react if your fate sent you an example of a beautiful woman, but her thinking activity requires some additional work?

Firstly, try to find some books on her shelves to expand her horizons. When you make sure that there are no any books there, take the first available magazines on those shelves and offer her to play a word game. For example, using a headline of the article “10 ways to attract a smart guy”, make some words “start”,  “army “,  “Marta”, “tartar “, etc. Make more words to score more points. The winner will have the right to leave the toilet seat up the whole week.

Secondly, if she does not like such heavy (in every sense of the word) books as “War and Peace”, there are a lot of books that are much easier. They are called crossword books. This pastime stimulates our brain activity not worse than making up excuses for being late to work. Do more crosswords to score more points. The winner will have the right to let his girlfriend take out the trash the whole week.

Third, if her doctor doesn’t prohibit her from overloading the brain, read some children’s books together. It’s said that this kind of literature develops our imagination, which in turn helps improve cognitive functioning.

Finally, if all of the above doesn’t give significant results, try to intimidate her a little bit. After Friday’s dinner, when she is in a good mood, say “Jack broke up with Mary because she hasn’t read books at all,” or something similar. If your girlfriend has prudence, she will take the hint and break up with you on her own.


22 thoughts on “High IQ? Lucky you

      • “In the 21st century a modern woman has well-groomed hands, well-groomed hair and well-groomed brain”. That’s called generalizing how women are


      • Okay. Maybe you’re right. I will correct it for you. “In the 21st century a modern woman has well-groomed hands, well-groomed hair, well-groomed brain and well-groomed sense of humor”.
        Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!

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  1. This is a masterpiece, Marta! The humor made me laugh but there is a subtle message for the smart man to heed and the less smart man to ponder. Remind me to buy you an ice cream at the fountain later to thank you for your clever guidance. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Daniel. I think you are good at making hidden messages too 😉 And, you know, today, when I was reading your post, I realized that I associate myself with the protagonist. But when I was reading the end of the post, about doctor’s actions, I breathed a sigh of relief, thanking my stars I associate myself with Ivan, not Lee.

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      • LOL! Yes the doctor’s intentions are noble and necessary. He is the metaphor for how we submit to the influence of modern technology while holding dear our ancient beliefs. Still, who would ever want their dignity stolen by these things. Culture and society can be very forceful. You will like Ivan. He is a good character opposite the sneaky Rastaman. 🙂

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      • I dedicate Ivan to you and will develop his character with you in mind. I think he will be smart, witty, and quietly charismatic. I think once before he was a quantum particle physicist but moved to the wrong neighborhood for that kind of work. While he works at the diner he is writing his theory of time domain reflectometry and a novel about love during the long winters at home. This should be interesting, no? 🙂

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      • It sounds like I will have my personal tamagotchi haha 🙂
        Jokes aside, I’m absolutely sure it will be interesting as always.
        Now I should learn a new word “reflectometry” before going to bad.

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      • Yes, a tamagotchi. After you check time-domain reflectometry, consider how one searches the past for artifacts to explain the present and how our present projects into our future. Those memories searched, the influence of today, all becomes our future. Reflection is how we learn wisdom that our future might be brighter. Ivan does this very well.

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      • Then you will meet Ivan soon in the story 🙂 Feel free to write this part if you like or leave it to my imagination. Either way, it should be fun. 🙂


      • LOL! I think I can cause enough concern with my imagination so no worry there. Rastaman is in for a big surprise when Ivan’s girlfriend stops by to visit soon. 🙂

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