Date on a budget?

At first glance it might seem that a man who can’t support the economy is unattractive to the opposite sex.

But it is not so. If you have to break your favorite piggy bank to arrange a date but its contents (you have been depriving yourself of school lunches for 2 years) will only be enough to buy some candy and flowers (or some school lunches), you have no reason to despair.

So, how to arrange a date without spending a lot of money:

– Buy bread and feed ducks. This activity can not only tell her that you love animals but also that you will always be the breadwinner in your future family.

–  Buy a small sapling and plant it together. It will shed light on another your virtue. She will realize that since you can plant a tree, to build a house and raise a son is a piece of cake for you.

– Buy a couple of graffiti spray paint cans and paint (some hearts) on the walls of an abandoned house. You will get a great chance to show that you are in good shape when you will be running away from the guard came out of nowhere.

– Take a walk with a dog. She will understand that you will be a good father just by looking at how gently you clean up after the dog.

– Buy a Chinese sky lantern and launch it at night together. Tell your girlfriend that the lantern flies high as your heart wants to lift its wings high and fly when you are together (wait for the moment when it really goes up in the air and then say it). For best romantic effect you can use the phrase, “This light is as bright as the fire in my heart at the sight of you” (make sure you did light it).

– Visiting a museum will perfectly complement your reputation as an intellectual beggar. Buy two tickets to a local museum, and while she is looking at artifacts, tell her that art is your hidden passion. Make sure you can take her out of there before she starts asking questions about you cultural awareness.

– Tell her a funny story about your childhood. Her maternal instinct will kick in and she will also realize that you trust her. It’s not necessary to tell her about how you were terrified at the sight of Santa at the nursery Christmas party and about the consequences of a sudden scare.

– As many of you know to melt woman’s heart you should make her laugh. Tell a few jokes (make sure you are not the only one who is laughing at them) or just read her this post. Considering the fact that you have been feeding the ducks for three hours, she will realize that your future family budget will be safe with such a frugal man. And money saved on your dates will make a good rainy day fund.


26 thoughts on “Date on a budget?

  1. This was very entertaining, Marta. I wish I read this when I was 17 years old with no money, no car, and no hope. I would realize I didn’t need those things and shouldn’t be afraid to ask a girl for a date. I really love the good advice for launching the lantern. I would probably make those bad mistakes to say something while my lantern falls to the ground unlit. I hope it is okay to reblog this to the Survivors blog, I think many people will like this. 🙂

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      • I hope you stay inspired because you inspire me as well. And, I never leave your blog without a big smile. Smiles are very rare and valuable these days and you give them away for free. What is better than that? 🙂

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      • It’s 7:30 am now in Russia and I’ve just woke up. I started answering to your comment about how many “things can go wrong” if you are blogging without your morning coffee. And I did it. HOW? How did I trashed the comment merely touching my keyboard?? I could not even understand what happened. It was so beautiful comment and I deleted it =( where is it now? =(

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      • I’m not sure but I think the quantum physicists haven’t found this invisible force that controls our lives. Somehow coffee protects us from the bad effects. More coffee the better. Hope you had a better day after coffee 🙂

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      • I still feel ashamed. My grandma bought 12 dozens of farm eggs for all our families and gave me 6. She is 75 years old and she carries it like a feather. I’m not so strong and my hands are still trambling, I hope I won’t delete anything due to the tremor.

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  2. Reblogged this on SURVIVORS BLOG HERE and commented:
    Marta Frant gives us Wit and Wisdom for those afraid to date because costs are high and funds are low. Check out Marta Frant’s Russian/English blog; you’ll leave with a smile and much smarter than you were when you first arrived.

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