10 useful blogger’s skills

Success in blogging will need you to master some important skills…

  1. The ability to plant the thought, that blogging is one of the most revolutionary inventions of mankind, in the minds of your relatives. This will help you to convince your mother/wife/husband, when a dilemma is whether to do the dishes or to write a post, that the latter is far more important for the future of your family.
  2. In the Time Management seminar, you were asked to make a list of your biggest time eaters. It turned out that blogging scored 5 more hours than sleep and time spent for time management seminars. Therefore, the second skill you should develop is the ability to plant the thought that blogging is one of the most revolutionary inventions of mankind in your own head.
  3. The next skill that will help you succeed with blogging is to be responsive to other bloggers’ posts. There is no need to explain this point, and I just wanted to strike out something.
  4. Blogging is an intellectual sport, so it might seem that lightning quick reflexes don’t play a great role here. But not everything is so simple. The ability to turn off your WordPress tab a split second before your boss suddenly came up to your desk is equal in importance to such skills as opening a bottle of wine without a corkscrew and your house door without a key (or not yours, for somebody).
  5. We all know that oxygen supports combustion as well as updating your blog regularly supports your Stats. To keep the stats at a high level is as useful as the skill to raise one eyebrow during the dispute when there are no more arguments left. Because it changes nothing, but you definitely feel your superiority.
  6. Talking of eyebrows. It’s a great skill and it needs to be mastered. The first time you won’t get your desired results – you will raise both of your eyebrows, but don’t lose heart! Raising both eyebrows can be useful if you didn’t manage to turn off your WordPress tab before your boss came in.
  7. You should create a habit to write down a new post idea before it will disappear in the secret nooks of your brain for good. Newbies often put aside an idea for later. Then they notice that “later” never comes because post ideas are like red-carpet dresses – never the same twice. That goes for comments too, so please write down your enthusiastic comment which came to your mind after reading #5 (if it didn’t come, please reread #3).
  8. Awards. When you are being nominated for the next award, don’t think that what happens in WordPress stays in WordPress. Virtual achievements should have a positive impact on your real life too. Just imagine, at the end of the meal, you want to pay the bill and leave, and a waiter left you waiting for him a very long time. A wave of anger is rising from the depths of your kind soul and you are already imagining what you will tell him (“How dare you keep me waiting so long? Do you know who I am? I’m a nominee for The Liebster Award!”) Just smile instead and leave a generous tip. Virtual nomination is a definite success, and successful people leave a generous tip.
  9. A skill to read other bloggers’ posts to the end. Now you see that if you hadn’t read this post till the end, you wouldn’t have learned this precious skill.

That’s all. Yes, you are right, in the headline I promised to write 10 skills. But I can’t come up with the last one. I would like you to share your blogging experiences and suggest some additional skills that one should acquire and practice.

 P.S. That’s not my stats in the picture. I wouldn’t let any guy walk on my stats.


26 thoughts on “10 useful blogger’s skills

  1. You could say not letting any man walk on your stats was #10… I like #7 as well, but I have a tendency not to forget them, instead a mass of lingering post ideas are congregating in my head and I can’t just pick one, then end up not writing anything at all…

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  2. #7 is definitely something one should master especially when starting blogging (I am guilty of forgetting too many things 😮 )

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  3. Skill nº 10: Perseverance… I started my blog to gain speed when painting and I try to post one painting 7 drawing a week. And it works fine, it’s a kind of non written contract with myself.

    Well written!

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  4. Here’s my secret to blogging success; I have no secrets. I post about everything and anything. I take old ideas and turn them upside down and post them as something new. I talk about things that scare me and deeply personal things and pretend that either I’m writing fiction, or I am humorously making fun of it. I am never serious in my writing, though everything about my writing is serious. I take humor very seriously. I don’t know if I’ve said anything useful, or just confused everybody… but that’s how I write… and I try to leave a lot of talking totally un-said.

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  5. I can’t say any tip stood out. I was caught up laughing at the end of each, reading the beginning of the following tip through teary eyes. (my ab workout is complete)

    Potential 10th tip: have a publishing schedule so that readers can schedule your post into schedule to coincide with the morning rundown meeting when everyone else is too busy to realky pay attention.

    I am told that this helps, but since I’m not time oriented I keep failing, and since I treat blogs like emails I’m not quite sure I get it. But the pros swear by it

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  6. Lol. I love this! I can relate to the tip of writing down ideas for topics before they fly off.
    I try as much as possible to be free and write my mind without restrictions.. making sure I enjoy myself, cus enjoying yourself is paramount.

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  7. Haha, #5 made me giggle – it’s totally me (I rock in single eyebrow combat!) Only in my first month of blogging so still get super excited when I see a like or a different country checking in – on that note, thanks for stopping by and liking my photos 🙂

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  8. Yours is the first comedy blog I’ve read. You are definitely number one!! Really, very enjoyable. My writing is about serious subjects so it is a joy to see you let go of your creativity and have such fun – and give us all a laugh. We need it Marta!

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    • Thank you so much for these warm words! Such feedback encourages me to move forward in this direction. Other bloggers’ smiles is everything I need for continuing this comedy journey! 🙂


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