I’m scared to death to become a blogaholic

I started blogging about 3 months ago. Almost immediately I’ve noticed that the more you post the more likes you receive. Yes, I notice even such unobvious things. I know I’m pretty smart.

So, I’ve began to find myself thinking about my blog more often (and more often about my Stats than about my blog). As a perfectionist I can do nothing but my best to achieve something if I really want it.

And I realized that this success terrifies me. I mean it’s not the success that scares me (to consider 185 followers as a blogging success is the same as to face an existential crisis at the age of 7) but the very opportunity to become a successful blogger. And as a person with a good imagination I tried to imagine myself as being old. Will I have a thought, lying on my deathbed, “I wish I have posted a lot more posts. Son, now all this nice Stats is yours… And my jewelry box is in the… in the… Sorry, I have no one. You know, I was just a blogger. Oh, take that Versatile Award on the shelf”.


16 thoughts on “I’m scared to death to become a blogaholic

  1. Great post, Marta. My first blog, when I hit 320 followers, I panicked and deleted it. Then, months later, I fell asleep at my computer and woke up with my current blog and one follower. I might need counseling. I think if you become a blogaholic, I’ll be spending more time reading your posts and making comments and soon we both get no sleep. I do know what you mean. I find myself wanting to stay at my computer and make my blog better but I am already overwhelmed and can’t keep up with how fast everything moves. I need to pace myself 🙂 Of course, blog-addicts don’t pace themselves at all. I just need to get used to no sleep. 🙂

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    • Well, no sleep is an option 🙂
      I should confess, I can’t live without challenges, so I came up with the idea that I wanted post without translating work, just in English, writing down the flow of my thoughts. This post is the first pilot version 🙂
      I think my Russian-speaking readers won’t be offended, as they live just in my head, and my head is not a proper place for negatively charged emotions 🙂

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  2. Great post! The ending is terrific 🙂
    Most of my readers are my friends and family. They just read posts, giving no likes or comments (sometimes they discuss my blog with me on vkontakte though).
    So my stats are not that fascinating. However, my number one website now is statcounter.com, because it gives you even more detailed stats than wp! It will tell you a lot more about your visitors, try it!
    I also feel like I want to blog more often, but I don’t have time 😦 I don’t get much sleep already and blog from work sometimes, but still. Any advice where to get more time for blogging?

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    • I checked out statcounter and read the recommendations, sounds like a good thing. Thank you for the advice!
      What comes to time for blogging. It’s all about goal and inspiration. The less I want to write something, the harder my inspiration hits 🙂 So, when I catch some thought and see it clear, I just write this down in my phone and then all I need to do is to publish.


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