Sedentary blogging. How to save yourself?

The other day, when I was observing my Stats, I felt some tension. It was not a tension in the wake of a small amount of views. It was not a tension in the wake of a few “likes”. It was not even a tension in the wake of very few “likes” (let’s face the reality). I started noticing some tension in my back.

After some pondering on this problem, I realized that I’ve begun to spend too much time staring at the computer screen since I’d become a blogger. I thought to myself, I’m not so old yet, so I won’t let my back hurt as if I’m a 90-year-old. And I won’t quit blogging as a 90-year-old blogger would do in my place.

So, I created some tips which will help distract you from your blogging mission and remind that there is life outside your WordPress window.

– Set the alarm clock with the worst song you’ve ever heard for every other hour and put it into another room. You will stand up every time it rings and it will be the first time in history when a bad pop song saves human health.

– Unfollow all the Workout Bloggers. You spend too much time reading their posts. Instead, stand up right now and do some squats. Cool! Now, you’re feeling better. We both know you haven’t done it, but let’s keep it optimistic.

– If you are observant enough, you might see that this post is quite short. It was done intentionally because I take care of you, my dear reader. Because now you know that reading long posts is bad for you back.


20 thoughts on “Sedentary blogging. How to save yourself?

  1. I so needed this good advice. I have so many bad blogging habits. Poor content is the least of my challenges. I think I know why every time I sit down and work feverishly on my blog, pumping out ridiculous mistakes strung together by inappropriate adverbs, the children show up and I’m hopping all around putting out microwave fires and shampooing the carpet. They are just trying to save me from myself. The alarm clock is set. Thank you for that! 🙂

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    • I’m glad you find it useful 🙂 The other side of this is procrastination. Once I decided to distract myself from computer once in a while, it brings about lots of other distractions. Sometimes it’s hard for me to find a happy medium.

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      • Ah! You are not alone. If I walk through the house I will see ten things to do while on my way to do something else. Sometimes I stay very busy and never get to the thing I’m supposed to do first. But, I’m not bored while chasing rainbows and butterflies. 🙂

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      • I’m never get bored when I’m doing something interesting, too. For example, your writing challenge. I was amazed by your post and decided to give it a try 🙂 I’ll publish it soon.

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      • That is great, Marta! Thank you for accepting and I look forward to what you write. I know it will be good. 🙂

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