How to know your future looking at your photos

The ancient Maya believed that you can determine a person’s destiny looking at his/her blog. What about photos?

Those who read my blog regularly (I’m not quite sure how to read a blog regularly if the blog posts are so irregular) know that I started to publish my posts with photos. It didn’t happen overnight. It took me 4 blurry photos and 2 WordPress posts with pictures to admit I’m a photographer.

So let’s try to describe a person’s character and not only that by looking at his or her photos.



If I took these shots, this means:

  1. I’m a romantic.
  2. I’m a lazy romantic since I took these photos out of the window.
  3. Housebuilding in my town is not a priority for the local government so we can still see the horizon.
  4. I’m not a heavy-duty blogger and I have willpower to take my eyes off the screen and look out the window.
  5. Seems like my camera is not so bad. Yay!

22 thoughts on “How to know your future looking at your photos

  1. Beautiful pictures Marta. Your sense of humor makes the pictures even better. 🙂 I hope you can continue your photo journalism. I suspect we are all in for some amazing things to pop up on your blog. The only thing I can get to pop up on my blog is the warnings that I have pushed some wrong buttons and my blog is about to delete itself. I prefer to read your blog instead of chasing mine to find out where it went. 🙂

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  2. I guess by the picture it also means you like to apreciate Nature and all it’s beauty.I never thought that you could describe the future of somoeone just by looking their posts.I enjoy the reading it very much.Keep up the good work.

    Could you please have a look in my blog

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    • Thank you! I’ve already checked it out 🙂 You have a wonderful and inspiring blog with a lot of interesting quotes and thoughts as well as outfits and ideas! I should read them thoroughly as soon as I can.

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