The most dangerous Nutrition Myth busted


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Today people are armed with Google, Wikipedia and blogs that can help you to get better, healthier, and fitter. This comes as no surprise that it’s becoming more and more difficult to tell right from wrong. Many bloggers are prone to believe everything that got more than 50 Likes (I was one of them and know this first hand). Doing some research after the interesting feedback for my previous post, I finally decided to publish this small post. Here you can see the most popular myth about nutrition that needs to be debunked.

Parsley contains Vitamin B12.

Unfortunately, no. It can be found in liver, meat, fish, and dairy products. Plants have no Vitamin B12 and therefore have no active mechanisms to produce it. Hello vegans! Let’s try to search for some alternatives together.

I love parsley and eat it to my heart’s content almost every day in summer (thanks granny for continuous supply of all that green stuff to my vegetarian life). And I fervently want to believe it contains B12, but the reality is harsh.



4 thoughts on “The most dangerous Nutrition Myth busted

  1. I’m devastated. I won’t stop eating parsley because I like it. I will Google to find out how much vitamin B12 is in vodka. Vodka has to be good for you because it is the water of life.:-)

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