How I felt yesterday? Like Alice in Wonderland

No. A miracle hasn’t happened. I didn’t become Freshly Pressed (did I post anything?) and I even didn’t win the lottery jackpot since I don’t play and mainly prefer hard earned money like all honest intellectuals.

While running yesterday evening, I came across this little creature.

Game: find a rabbit in the picture

Usually, when I meet some forest animal, I start running in the opposite direction but this time my instinct of self-preservation told me to stand still and find something to take a pic.

Like any other vegetarian I always have a carrot in my pocket but this time I only had a phone to take a picture. So I let him feel himself like a Victoria’s Secret model – No food, Only photoshoot.

Surprisingly, he wasn’t afraid of me and even jumped towards me. He must have sensed my positive blogger’s vibes and that I could do no harm to another carrot lover.

Now my workout will be much more pleasant as I feel myself like Alice or Snow White.


Now guys, one more elbow plank and you may go home


14 thoughts on “How I felt yesterday? Like Alice in Wonderland

  1. Rabbits are romantic little rascals. I’m sure he was admiring you for a long time and decided to go for the carrot not knowing you ate it earlier. I can tell from his pose that he is enjoying the girl of his dreams. And of course, he was hoping for an invitation for a nice vegetarian dinner. He knows you are interested because you took his picture. Be careful, those rabbits fall in love very easy and then they never leave you alone. 🙂

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      • Ha Ha! Yes, he likes you. Cabbage in you or on you during a long run can definitely have ill effects. But, your new friend will appreciate your sacrifice. 🙂

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