Sport vs Vodka



The word Workout gains popularity at an incredible pace in Russia. Instead of looking for a suitable equivalent Russians just say Воркаут that clearly points to the fact that the person has something to do with English language and sports. The number of training clubs, fitness centers, and gyms increases day by day even in small towns.

I’ve found this picture on the wall of a building not far from my city’s center.


The translation is Quit drinking Start doing sports.

Everyone chooses their own way and calling. Some immerse themselves in science giving up personal life and devoting their whole time to creating an anti-ageing cream. And some live their lives in such a way that no one cream or pill will ever help to reverse the damage.





Some would give all the treasures of the world for 25th hour in a day, since there is so much to do and see and there is so little time. And some are watching TV or playing a boring game just to kill time.

We are different and unique. Everyone has a wide array of reasons why they take time to take care of their bodies and faces or why they put the guilty pleasures first on their lists of priorities.

So the question is, what motivates people to be the better version of themselves? Do they need such on-the-wall (on-TV, on-billboard, in-someone’s-Instagram) motivation or is it mainly an intrinsic factor?


17 thoughts on “Sport vs Vodka

  1. I am the last one to ask this question. My workout made a lot of very tough people cry and wail for their mother when I trained them. I had internal/intrinsic motivation. I always wanted to find my limit and push over it. I discovered this harsh treatment caused one’s limits to continuously move away creating a need to push harder longer until the mind and body collapses and it’s time to go have a good vodka and relax in the sauna. The steady stream of motivation from all directions can never do what one’s desire, dedication, and perseverance can accomplish. I think I took way too much of your time to just say, it’s intrinsic. Everything else is just a reminder it’s time to do something.

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  2. Maybe a slogan on a billboard can occasionally inspire. But perhaps more often we detect an ulterior motive and treat slogans with cynicism. Besides, people are lousy at taking advice, whether solicited or unsolicited. So I believe the motivation must usually be internal.

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    • Thank you for the comment. I agree, human nature doesn’t always serve us well, often it does quite the opposite and we stubbornly refuse to accept the advice. Maybe when the intrinsic motivation meets the intentional discipline, a champion is born.

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  3. I love that working out is becoming more popular in Russia. A run or vodka can both fix a bad day, however, we all know which “hangover” is best. Runners high.

    I don’t love gyms, but they do serve a purpose and can be helpful. We all have different reasons as to why we work out and so maybe for some, a little picture or billboard inspires/reminds/motivates. Motives can change with time too. Once it becomes a passion though, no advertisement is necessary, for obvious reasons. Very interesting post!

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  4. Motivation, for me, is purely intrinsic. But I’ve found that quite a large number of people are externally motivated…something that I can’t quite grasp. Coincidentally, I’m intrinsically motivated by both vodka and a workout!

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  5. What motivates me is the will of living a full life and living it to the most, and to be honest, I’m not interested in being the best version of me, I am the one who I want to be, with high doses of alcohol, healthy and sporty life, risk, security, laziness and hard work and obviously rock and roll!

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  6. So the question is, what motivates people to be the better version of themselves?
    Desire for sex
    Fear of Death
    Desire for money (sex)
    Desire for Immortality (fear of death)

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