The funniest facts about your work you’ve never noticed

Now as I caught your attention I can go on.

Even if it’s your day off, the work is stalking you and omens are everywhere…

Your company’s mission statement is To combine quality products and services to provide the best value for consumers.

And it is a little bit different from your own mission statement…

Before you even knew it, your project’s page on the screen turned into your news feed…

When you went to the bathroom, your boss formed this message on your desk:

112112 21211… What does he mean by that?!

When you present your idea to your boss…

That’s how he sees it…

On Monday, your boss present you an awesome new project. How he sees it…

How you see it…

To play cards using sticky notes is the only skill you fail to mention on your resume.

Startup Stock PhotosAccording to the chart, the most common beverage spilled onto a keyboard is coffee.

stocksnap.ioYou think your team looks like this at the meeting…

candyboximages.comBut we all know you look a little different…


33 thoughts on “The funniest facts about your work you’ve never noticed

  1. I think the second team meeting is probably more productive. Time-wasting ‘meetings’ are one of the things I DO.NOT.MISS about having left the ‘big company’
    It’s HumpDay, Rock On!😊

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  2. As a teacher at a secondary school I can tell you that most of this also goes for my pupils and me: how they see things and how I see things. Funny! Keep on blogging in a free world – The False Prophet

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  3. OMG, it just occurred to me! The picture of the employee drawing a chart is like wordpress making changes to the reader… and the drawing after that is how bloggers perceive their efforts.

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  4. I don’t know how I missed this post earlier but I don’t mind laughing my butt off on a Friday. This was so funny because it is so real too. You always amaze me with how entertaining you can make any subject. The real amusement is you completely captured American work culture. Maybe things aren’t so different around the world when it comes to working in the office. 🙂

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    • I used to be a part of the office slavery so I completely understand this feeling. My desk was in front of our financial director’s desk. I mastered the skill to look focused like a laser and avidly studied supply and consumption tables on the screen. And I was the only person who knew it was English grammar tables. I hope so.

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      • That is so funny, Marta! :-). The building I worked in had 1500 people that all use a computer to do their work. One time someone sent an email to some friends as a joke that had a picture with hidden code so when you click on it your speaker turns all the way up and there was a very loud fart and then crazy laughter. At first you hear only a few times and in a few minutes all five floors of the building are farting and laughing like crazy. Then the servers crashed from all the traffic. In a few days we had a new policy that no one was to send anymore fart jokes. Sometimes, I could not believe how my life turned out so I retired from that job. 😆💨

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      • Haha I can imagine this. My emotions were the most difficult part for me. To make my work day brighter I communicated with colleagues through corporate chat and when they sent me something very funny I laughed out loud. You can imagine my financial director’s delight… She was happy that I rejoiced in my work.

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      • LOL! When the world finds out what really makes people happy at work, a lot of business management books will have to be rewritten for all the university classes and the self help seekers. 🙂

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  5. This is a superb post, so funny and brilliantly done. Really great stuff here! Hahaha, how certain behaviors and attitudes so powerfully reflect each other across cultures — while other things can be so very different. Your use of the pictures with your writing is so sharp. Congratulations on this piece and your work overall!

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  6. Ahahahaha this post made my idea it really made me laugh a lot. How you come with such original and funny posts?
    Btw I nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Award if you could come to my blog and see the rules I will truly appreciate it. I’m looking forward for your answers.

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