My Blueberry Days

Blueberry is like Blogging? Of course, not! Yet it would be a nice alliteration. Here is photo reportage from one of the hottest spots in my home (kitchen, as you might guess.)




Quite honestly, it was the first time in my life when I’ve chosen to use a nail polish to match berries, not bag (or car.)

Now what does Marta Frant want to tell fellow bloggers today? Normally I don’t refer to myself in the third person but when I start baking so frequently I prefer to believe that it’s not me. I’m not going to throw baking powder into your eyes by pretending I can eat all these tasty things and not gain weight. I can’t do this for two reasons. The first is because it’s not true and the second is that, in this case, everyone will hate me (I think those facts that I’m Russian and a vegetarian are enough.)

Here is my jealously guarded secret to staying in shape – I burn calories pre-emptively. Using empirical methods I’ve found out that it’s better not to drink the water which comes out of our faucet at home. So I have to carry these heavy bottles to provide my family with drinking-water and water for cooking.  If to do some Zen breathing exercises along the way, it doesn’t seem like a heavy burden.


That’s what I call To stay hydrated in Russia

I feel like a 17th-century Russian woman who has taken water from the well using a shoulder yoke.

Serfdom was abolished in 1861 in Russia. Why has nobody told me??


30 thoughts on “My Blueberry Days

  1. Marta, your food fashion is only eclipsed by how good your blueberry pie looks. You are a very strong woman if you can resist that pie. Me, I would be face first in it like a starving hound dog. I’ll drink a diet drink and everything will be okay.

    I feel your pain about the water. My water is so bad, during the summer, if I water the flowers from the house water it kills them overnight. I have to carry drinking water from the store plus I have a 10 liter purifier. I carry 30 kilos of water to the house and if I think it’s a burden I look at the dead flowers and keep walking. But, I think in your case, in time you will have lovely long fingers and arms. Then you can play the piano without risk of leaning too far and falling off the bench. That is so embarrassing.

    Also, I noticed from the picture that if you dress in nice clothes, no one notices the water carrier or buckets.

    Lovely post. I’m going to print out the picture and keep it with me. When anyone asks me what I want for Christmas, I can show them.

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    • I’m afraid that food fashion is another calling in my set of impermanent callings. And now I want this to be as brief as possible because my will power is not so strong. And soon my followers will think I’m a food blogger and unfollow me 🙂
      My fingers were long even before the “water crisis.” It’s just my avatar where I have blown them away =(
      I used to go to music school to learn how to play the piano. I don’t remember exactly how many days I used to go there.

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      • LOL! There is no pleasing all of the followers all the time but you have a great variety so no one has time to say, Hey, I didn’t sign up for that!

        I don’t know why but I always liked playing or listening to the piano. Maybe all those times I fell out of the moving truck on my head had an effect. My daughter played for several years and then we found a very disciplined teacher for her and my daughter revolted and deposed the teacher. It was an expensive departure because we still had this piano we couldn’t ignore. So, I sat down and played on it and liked it. I have long arms and fingers so I can reach every key without loosing my balance in the classic one cheek lean.

        I’m sure if you post one food item a month, my keyboard and screen will last longer. It’s easy to clean but the bite marks are permanent.

        Have a great weekend, Marta!

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      • One apple a day and one pie a month is an ideal diet and usually I stick to it because of hot weather. But this year the summer keeps transforming the diet into something opposite (the oven makes the house much warmer.)
        Have a great weekend too, Daniel!

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    • “Water selfdom” continues… By the way, I’ve noticed you have interesting punctuation. Is it your signature style or just an effective gimmick to attract followers? =)


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