It’s my big break!


I was nominated by Orange Hobbit for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award and I want to thank my nominator for giving me the incentive to post some information about me. The fact that I have no About page is not my willingness to look like a mystery or an enigmatic blogger. I’m just a little bit lazy sometimes (okay, not a little.)

So, according to the rules, 7 interesting things about myself:

  1. I want to use a tag #travel on my blog but I have to use #humor. Ugly truth.
  2. I love to learn something new. This trait only emerged after I finished school.
  3. I’m a grammar nazi. Now you can imagine my pain when I publish a new post knowing that there may be some grammar mistakes in it since English is not my native language.
  4. I don’t like it I even hate it when people express their negative emotions online or in public.
  5. I love taking pictures of food and I don’t have Instagram. I’m living proof that such people exist.
  6. I always struggle to come up with an appropriate title for my posts. If I called this one “7 facts about me you didn’t know and didn’t want to know”, you would never read the post till this point.
  7. My favourite color combination is green and red.

13 thoughts on “It’s my big break!

  1. Congratulations! Dragons are always interesting to me. The interesting things about you, Marta, are very interesting, indeed. 🙂 Oh, how I wish I had the skill to be a grammar nazi. Then I could transform my writing from gibberish to proper sentences. I know when an editor reads my writing, they become suicidal and it’s only the very strong ones that can make it through to the end and send me back their notes that there is nothing they can do for me. But, the beauty of those comments from editors is some of them suggest other hobbies I might excel at. The one that comes up the most is suggestions that I travel instead of write. But so far, going to Hell is not within my budget.

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    • Thank you 🙂 I like to look at people’s reaction when I combine these colors for outfits. The key point is to find balance between beauty and Santa’s elves’ costumes.


    • Maube because I don’t travel at the moment 🙂 And I don’t want to misinform my readers writing about “traveling” to the nearest supermarket.


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