How to deal with Digital you

Most of our blog posts these days have zero information value but we write them, publish them and read what other bloggers have to tell us.

That means that there is something other than knowledge and news in them that interests us and attracts us. This logic-friendly conclusion made me think about the information we receive on a daily basis and how we can handle it properly.

In the world where we all are digital to the core and advanced technology goes hand in hand with spiritual progress

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finding your own balance is key to getting the most out of all the information flows.

When the whole world is at your fingertips


don’t disclose too much information


otherwise you’ll have to hide much more than you had revealed.


It’s one thing to know something, it’s quite another to know something at the right time. When would you like to know there is no net below? Before or after jumping?


This famous motivational quote “Leap, and the net will appear” doesn’t always work. So timely content is another key point.

And just in case, not everything should be in the cloud. Privacy first.



33 thoughts on “How to deal with Digital you

  1. Very true !! I have been a victim of a social media platform abuse – where some hooligans distorted my identity and presented to the world with obscene and derogatory remarks ! Worst of all, that person or group was included in my list of acquaintances….I took action against the remarks and post , succeeding in bringing it down but failing to trace the posts back to its owner because it was a fake identity……Anonymity makes a person so powerful with no safeguards !!
    I know that person or group resented me, but stooping to such a low level and marring the reputation of a girl is just not acceptable! It caused a lot of pain to me and my family.

    Having said that, I would like to urge people to share only that information on public platform which cannot help hooligans in distorting one’s identity in any way and hurting one’s sentiments. I am not saying it can happen to all of us, but a little care will do no harm !. I suffered but I do not let others to go through the same !!

    ‘Whatever is on the web, stays on the web forever !!”

    @Marta ,
    Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share my experience through this post !!
    A big thumbs up !! Keep bringing up such topics that requires attention of the folks…. 🙂

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      • But you didn’t; I did😉

        Tis good for people Stateside to see that not all Ruskies are as uptight as Putin😎

        Have a fantabulous day!

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      • Yes, I know that Americans don’t like Russians (I’ve heard it on the radio.) But we are all the same, it’s just WordPress image…


      • No matter what, I’ve posted my personal photo and even photos of my food, you know full account transparency so I should be cautious about my political comments, otherwise the Russian Mafia will find me.

        I know you love Blondes.

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      • True, that. But. Iva rule. Anyone that has to describe themselves in their name (Pretty, sexy, or in this case, Blondie) probably really isn’t any of those things. Cause if they were, I’d know by looking, Capisci?😊
        Have a great weekend!


      • What a wise remark! I’ve never thought of it this way. If I meet anyone with those “descriptions”, I just refer to it as a lack of imagination.
        You too have a great weekend!


  2. I agree with having balance and being cautious. But even the most cautious can have something go wrong. I try not to let my fear or paranoia control me. To me there is a lot of happiness in love and trust. Sometimes you discover that the “net” isn’t beneath you…and you are forced to change, grow, learn… This is life.

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  3. Great post, Marta! You are so right! Even technical wizards with very large brains that use all the oxygen in the room can be fooled and the next thing you know the whole world knows they blog in their underwear and according to the pictures their brain has starved the development of other very important parts.

    You can never be too careful. The only true safety is never own a computer, smartphone or watch that can take your picture in the bath by accident and tweet it to all your friends. I tell everyone to add their mother and father to every account so that they don’t do anything they don’t want their mother or father to see.

    OBTW. We like Russian people because they know how to make the best vodka. If our governments had a vodka bar instead of an embassy, things would go very smooth after that 🙂 Maybe there would be some bumps and bruises after the meeting when our representatives fell off the curb onto their face but every hard job requires some sacrifice. 🙂

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    • =) I can feel free to post anything I want since none of my relatives knows English. And I don’t have (and can’t have) a blog in Russian because of my grammar nazi mentality.
      Black gold and Water of life are two things that help us survive.
      And every time you write about underwear blogging I check my camera to make sure it’s off because How do you know?! =D

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