Master’s degree in blogging

Graduates in Cap and Gown --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

What does my creative process look like? I write a couple of sentences. Then I have to read some motivational quotes. Eventually I’m able to write a few more sentences. That’s only because I force myself to write in English at once. Things look much simpler and faster if you write using your mother tongue.

So how long does it take to become a whiz at blogging? How many hours do you need to devote to running a blog so that blogging becomes embedded in your DNA?

Let’s do some math. You probably have heard that one should embrace 10000 hours of practice to master some skill. Imagine the average blogger who posts 400 words twice a week. 4 hours per week including time for comments. 192 hours per year. Are you ready to see the results? 52 years.

52 years of moderate blogging will make you a pro in blogging.

Imagine that you suddenly realize that you were born for blogging. Hence you start blogging 9 to 5 five days a week to reach your full potential. In this case 52 years transform into 5.2 years.

5.2 years of your life. Is it a reasonable price for such “mastery”?

Of course, you don’t want to count your WordPress hours. In this case there is another primary point that will help get the most out of blogging. Find your peculiarity or distinctive feature. What is the thing you can’t imagine your blog without? For example, I can’t blog if my feet are cold.  So, if my feet get cold, I have to warm them with socks if I want to keep posting something valuable.

I’ve failed to find my socks this time…

P.S. If my math teacher saw my calculations, she would be proud of me. It’s the first time math lessons have come in handy in real life.


69 thoughts on “Master’s degree in blogging

  1. Math is the only true science.
    I will not be blogging in 5.2 years, let alone 52.
    And it looks like you didn’t touch the keys all weekend, so you must have been busy. Details, Woman! Details!!

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  2. This piece is delightfully funny. Still, it makes us take a second look at just how much time and energy we are spending here — and deciding if it’s worth it. You know, I think it is when we can meet and interact with people like you — who help us take a light-hearted look at life every once in a while. It’s so necessary to do that. Thanks for the fun in this piece.

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  3. Marta, the depth of your humor and intellect has no boundaries. This was very entertaining and I finally realized that my blogging will eventually pay off in a degree with true relevance in the world today and in the future. I will be very old and possibly suffer from dementia but that should help me maintain my peculiarity.

    I enjoyed your math and the importance of warm socks to good blogging. I may have to give up on math but with my degree and dementia, the warm socks will be very helpful.

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    • Thank you, Daniel. I feel flattered by your compliments again. I think blogging with mild dementia would be a great peculiarity. Maybe it will become another form of contemporary art in the future. I’ve already come across some “futuristic” blogs but I can’t read them even with my socks on.

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      • Ha Ha Ha! So the socks have their limitations. They probably are just trying to protect you. I really do enjoy your blog very much. I hope you will blog until we both are crazy. Then it will be even more fun – if that is possible. 🙂

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  4. Ahhh, the math…I’m pleased you found a practical use for it…I saw the numbers and skipped to the last line.

    Thanks for sharing your process and the comfort-to-productivity aspect. I thought the valley of bloggers in need of motivation during the writing had population total of ME. But it’s good to see you. Hahaha

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  5. Thank you for following my blog. I am always amazed when people converse so well in several languages. I like your humor here and for me blogging is learn as you go 🙂

    peace, litebeing

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