Why your mirror matters


No, I haven’t been hacked by a beauty blogger, I’m just in beauty_blogger mode today. Actually I want to talk about a thing that, if you look deeper into it, both literally and figuratively, has nothing to do with beauty. The thing reflects not only you but your attitude to self-awareness and self-definition within the contexts of time and space.

When I looked at myself in the mirror this morning, I told myself that I’m a successful blogger. But my Stats keeps insisting on the opposite. Affirmations don’t work. I have to post.

Everybody defines place of a mirror in their life.

In the bathroom, on the shelf, in the bag, in the car – no matter where but they exist.

Some psychologists claim that the most important item you can have on a deserted island (after your toothbrush and signal flares) is a mirror. It’s so not only because its surface can be used to signal planes and ships but also because you should look at yourself in the mirror every once in a while. No, not to make sure you are pretty (crocodiles don’t care), but to make eye contact, even though these eyes are yours. Do you remember the movie Cast Away, 2000, and the volleyball “Wilson” that has become the only friend for Tom Hanks’ character?

I have to confess, I love to catch people’s glance. Maybe that’s why I like walking around crowded places. About five years ago, I read that some people desperately need to meet eyes with others, otherwise it seems to them that they don’t exist at all. Well, we will not discuss clinical cases here, especially since I don’t like talking about myself.

It’s highly unlikely that anyone will argue about the fact that we all want to be seen. As people and as bloggers. What kind of a person we are and what kind of a person we are in other people’s eyes bother us to the same extent.

So, how often do you look in the mirror or any other reflective surfaces? Does smiling at yourself in the mirror make your life happier? : )


33 thoughts on “Why your mirror matters

  1. I’ve always said every room should contain at least one plant and a mirror – maybe that’s because I’m unconsciously vain! Although if I check my reflection and think ‘yeah, you look pretty good today’ it only takes a camera to tell me a completely different story. Clearly vain AND delusional, haha!!

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  2. Lol, I look into every reflective glass I see, even if it’s a car I’m walking past, I just glance at myself 🙈(trying to minimize it lol) I don’t think I’m a narcissist tho. Hehe.
    But I don’t smile at myself

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  3. Crocodiles don’t care! That’s where I’m at. In the crocodile’s eye. There is always a crocodile attached to my butt by its teeth. If I stare in the crocodile’s eye maybe it would soon attach itself to my face. Enough about me. I read where looking into another’s eyes is how we build trust and understand intent. Seems pretty intuitive, doesn’t it. As a test, I looked into your avatar’s eyes. I trust you, Marta, because your avatar’s eyes are very friendly. You have a glow about you. Your intent is all very positive. Next, I looked into the mirror at my own eyes and noticed, I like your avatar better. The results were conclusive. 🙂

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    • Honestly, when I have one of those days when I don’t like my reflection in the mirror, I stare at this photo and it says me that all mirrors lie. At such moments I trust these eyes too.
      I have studied physiognomy to understand people’s intentions and behavior better. The science is hard and mind-blowing but the common idea comes down to people with ugly asymmetrical faces are sinful and dishonest, and beautiful people are well-behaved and good-natured. Then life proved me wrong about it many times. So, I decided to listen to my instincts and intuition.

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      • I feel this very much too, Marta. I always regret not following my instincts and intuition. When I look into a mirror, I seem to always be shaving my whiskers again. Sometimes the image in the mirror will make a funny face at me and I laugh. This is never a good idea when a razor is against one’s face.

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  4. Hahahah love the post so original and unique. Well I have heard about people that needs constantly to meet someone’s eye I suppose they might feel a bit emptier in side. Well I have to confess I look more than five sometimes I just feel the urge especially if I’m preparing to go out or I am in the middle of a public place.
    However sometimes I do not even feel like looking in the mirror,us human beings are always trying to find a flaw especially if our mood is not one of the best

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    • My parents say that mirror is the first object that has attracted my attention more than any other. It was the time when I haven’t even been able to sit up without help. So I understand you thoroughly 🙂

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  5. Great article Marta, congratulations!
    I look myself at the mirror everyday while brushing my teeth, but not really paying attention most of the times. First thing I’m doing when I get home is looking at myself and have a conversation… feel like needing it right now. Thank you 🙂

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  6. Good post Marta. Honest, digging deep into self. I admire your tenacity to want to see who our true selves are. Many, including me would prefer to look but not see 🙈- especially since I do not look anything like Marilyn Monroe or Jennifer Aniston LOL 😀

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    • Yes, it’s incredibly interesting science for me. Here and there we see people become successful. And they are not those who are attractive but those who Think they are attractive. It’s not our reflection in the mirror that matters but our reflection in our mind. But it’s just another story and another post 🙂

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  7. I look into a metaphorical mirror far more often than a literal mirror. Often times, I forget to look in the mirror while washing my hands in the restroom. I find that I’m so overanalitical that seeing my reflection forces me to deal with the mask I’m in the process of finally taking off after a lifetime of wear. This process takes a long time and the mirror forces it to speed along; not the greatest tool when patience is one of the numbers on the combination lock.

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  8. Great post! Looking in the mirror can be so confronting at times but if we could all learn to make peace with the imperfections, their would be a lot less insecurity in the world!

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  9. Good post – I look at myself in the mirror quite often, I like what I see, even with the gray hair, wrinkles and the little fat I have put on. Not bad looking for a middle age man.

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