At the mercy of its melody

So, I’ve started learning Italian. Without any practical purpose or reason, just for the sake of learning. Though everything is not that simple. Someone might think, ‘Why is she going to learn a new language if there is so much to learn in English for her?’

It’s said that to accomplish something you should make a promise to your fellow bloggers on your blog. It will make you believe in yourself and feel responsible for the commitment you’ve made.

It’s not the case for me. I can promise anything here but no one external force can make me do something if I don’t feel like doing it. To add a bit of drama I would be able to come up with a punishment system for breaking the promise. Anyway, it won’t work for me.

It’s hard to explain why I love Italian more than any other languages (if the words ‘explain’ and ‘love’ can ever be stored in the same row). The very sound of Italian speech makes my heart fly. Even if I will never go to Italy. Even if the only person I practise my Italian with will be a microphone of online language learning site. Even if it takes me a year to finish a standard travel course for beginners, I will try to learn.

Since I visited our local music theatre as a child I had a dream to take a trip to the Italian opera. To be honest, I don’t understand a single word in Russian operas let alone ones that are in foreign languages. But somehow they have a magical influence on me. Maybe my intention to learn Italian and my dream about the opera will be connected someday and I will say the phrase ‘Quanto costano i biglietti per l’opera?’ not in front of the mirror.

#Don’tCryTry #TooMelodicToResist #DoubleTrouble #TheMoreTheBetter #ResistanceIsFutile #YouWillBeEducated


23 thoughts on “At the mercy of its melody

  1. I could relate so much to your post. I once learnt Italian and Japanese just because I wanted to. I guess I saw too many beautiful movies and daydreamed too hard. Anyway, learning anew language is always beautiful, I hope you have fun!

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  2. Sometimes I wish I could have someone enforce a punishment system on me when I break my goal promises…but every time I have to enforce them on my 4 year old for bad behavior, I’m thankful I’m now an adult.

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  3. Ah. Learning. It makes me rather happy. When I’m not actively learning something I feel rather uncomfortable. After a few month in my first job I became rather bored and picked up Karate. I’ve since become too busy for it unfortunately. It was rather fun, and I got to learn a few Japanese words.

    I never get why people ask “Why learn another language?” Communicating with people seems fun to most, so why not learn more languages and expand your horizon?

    I hope some of the Italian culture leaks into your language learning. That’s always fun. 😉

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    • I can describe myself as a perpetual student too 🙂 I love the process of learning something new, especially if it has nothing to do with my daily life and interests. I agree, the world is so big and wonderful. It would be pretty weird not to take the opportunity to eplore it.

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  4. Learning a new language is always interesting, it helps you understand the way another culture is and it makes you see things in a different way. Besides, Italian is beautiful!

    Well done!

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    • Yes, I agree with you. But now I just know some common phrases and I don’t think someone would like to join my learning process at this level 🙂 But later, without a doubt, I need to find a native speaker.


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