Hoping for a shopping

Everybody who has access to the mass media knows that Russian economy with its falling ruble is far from thriving. Clothes are more expensive now than before. Many Russian women even don’t have an opportunity to shop for clothes in Moscow shopping centers and have to go shopping in Europe.

Scrolling through the marvelous The Urban Spotter photos I’ve made a compilation of the most interesting outfits which can be useful for Russian women amid a severe crisis.


Aggressive print. It would be nice to create a distinctive uniform for disciples of “Russian mafia”. Noticing a man with such an unambiguous sign in a dark alley, you clearly understand that there are four ​possible scenarios for you:

– you will reach your home;

– you will reach your home with your phone still with you;

– you will reach your home without your phone;

– you will not reach your home.


Fringe. To save their money Russian fashionistas don’t have to throw away a ripped skirt. They can rip it a bit more. For a little car-washing vibe.


They can show their naked belly. You know the answer is a lack of men.


Bootstraps. Should we pull ourselves up by our bootstraps? Yes. “No one saves us but ourselves.”


That hat is a must-have for our tough weather.


Two words. Economic recession.


This is a great idea for those who are afraid to keep their family gold cutlery at home. You can wear all your precious teaspoons in the all-in-one set.


Yes, we don’t smile, but let our jumpers speak for us 🙂


29 thoughts on “Hoping for a shopping

  1. Ima call BS😏 Though I’ve never met an authentic Ruskie face-to-face – nor Skype, for that matter – I bet they DO smile, under the right circumstances😊

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  2. I love your Russian fashion commentary, Marta. We could really use your sharp eye for fashion commentary for our famous Wal-Mart Shoppers. They desperately need your help to counter the negative trends. 😀

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