Leonid Ptashka and not only all that Jazz

This weekend I had the privilege of viewing a performance of the famous pianist and composer Leonid Ptashka.


I’m impressed by his show and here’s why.

Even though it was his first visit to our town, Leonid Ptashka at once hit the right note with the public. Since the first minutes on stage he grabbed our attention and was maintaining contact with the audience during the whole performance emanating an ineffable powerful energy.

Ptashka is a well-known improviser.


We’ve heard the music by George Gershwin, The Beatles music (in honor of the 75th anniversary of John Lennon’s birth) and Jewish music. During Hava Nagila improvisation it seemed that at some point even the most Russian Russians felt their Jewish roots.

It doesn’t even occur to me that a pianist can go from one famous song to another so smoothly that I wasn’t able to notice when exactly one melody turned into another. The thing is you never know what Leonid will play next. Every moment of the concert is a big pleasant surprise.


The audience was enthralled by Leonid’s ability to perform with such ease and gusto. Like a kid with his favourite toys he himself derived great joy in performing and hearing our reaction. So this exhilarating energy certainly was transferred to the audience.

Now I know I will seize every other opportunity to visit his performances.


14 thoughts on “Leonid Ptashka and not only all that Jazz

  1. Oh! I’m sorry I missed that. But, it’s best I didn’t go because the moment I stood up and began my Snoopy dancing, everyone would know I was an eccentric tourist and my visa revoked for disruptive joy during a cultural event. My life is doomed this way. But, If I can find him on the internet, I’ll be redeemed. Thank you for the introduction to such wonderful talent, Marta. I enjoyed it very much, especially the part where the most Russian of Russians were feeling their Jewish roots in the music. That is truly powerful.

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    • Ah, travelling. I just can dream about it. Now it’s easier for a penguin to move from the South Pole to the North Pole than for Russians to visit Europe. I deliberately haven’t seen Leonid’s performances on the internet before the show. Otherwise I would be biased. So it was a shocking experience for me especially since live music affects my emotions in an inexplicable way.

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