Show me your #tags and I’ll tell you who you are

They say our words define who we are. The universe is listening to what we say and sending us a confirmation of our words and thoughts.

It’s rather difficult to track down all the words we say during the day, let alone our thoughts. But being a part of the blogging community you have a powerful tool that reflects your most frequent thoughts and concerns. I know deep inside you are concerned about the number of your followers. But that’s another post altogether.

Every one of us can pay attention to our tags.

What are those tiny words floating from one of your posts to another?

What are those issues your thoughts are always circling around?

As a Russian blogger, it’s pretty simple in my case – I use in a post the words I’ve learned in the morning.

There is an exercise in psychology. You should write down random words on three sheets of paper. Then underline those words which repeat from list to list. They are your main thoughts and concerns.

Try to do the same with you three most recent posts. What are your topical tags?

#YourDefaultMode #TagYourLife #RepeatPlease #InTheBeginningWas #TheTag


18 thoughts on “Show me your #tags and I’ll tell you who you are

  1. Very interesting, I’ll do that with the words today. I never really understood why and how and for what the tags LOL. Maybe because I write fiction and quizzes. I’m the old story-teller by the fire, only trapped in a young body. See, here we go again with the stories. Maybe you have an idea for me too, I don’t know what tags to use

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    • I understand. I think you don’t need any tags at all (except maybe #Hyperion) 🙂 Of course, writers are not just simple bloggers and they don’t have to obey all these blogging rules.

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      • Thanks so much for the fast reply 🙂 I have to see how these hashtags work too, I never got them. I honestly understand little of this beyond my keyboard. I really enjoy your witty posts and good advice!

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  2. Interesting thoughts. But in the end, a blog is an effort to reach as many as possible people, or the right people. I am not sure how many bloggers are 100% themselves when they write what they write.

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  3. I admire your persistence in honing your English skills and how you mindfully learn new words and write a blog post in a different language than your native Russian. Keep it up and you must be proud of your achievement! 😊

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  4. From what I can tell is that my stuff is tagged under comedy, humor, and funny. Obviously I need to find some new tags because they’re all the same. I’ll try that word exercise though it sounds interesting.

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