Flaming fame


“Moscow culture shock”.

They say that a Russian woman can stop a stampeding horse and enter a burning hut. There is another question. Why should she do this?

Stampeding horses is not a common occurrence in our daily life but burning huts…

A notorious Russian artist Pyotr Pavlensky, known for his scandalous vandalizing performances, calls himself “an artist of justice”.

This morning he set fire to a door of the FSB security service in Moscow. Using a petrol can and a cigarette lighter he decided to demonstrate that he doesn’t like, to put it mildly, the way the FSB works.

Answer the following questions on your ‘Show Me’ boards:

1) How many liters of petrol should be used to express one’s dissatisfaction with the poor efficiency of civil servants?

2) How many Russian women should enter the burning houses to stop such performances?


19 thoughts on “Flaming fame

  1. Being a civil servant I say none for your first question 😊 But to your second, I say ‘Depends’.If I set my roof on fire, will you come Ruhin’ in?😇


  2. I guess the answer to question one would be, not to use so much petrol that it makes the art look kitschy or overdone. The answer to question number two would be none. I’d hate to see Russian women destroying fine art.


  3. I am hoping that we have entered the 21st century where women are not required to stop a stampeding horse, nor enter a burning hut, unless he wants to of course.

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  4. How do Russian women do with solar power ignition , or wind , when the petrol is gone ? Something to plan for , I think . I suppost that there is time to plan before the culture changes to that extent .

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    • I agree but you know creative people in performance art don’t recognize the word “plan”.
      Of course, we can extinguish their fire but the flames of their souls can’t be extinguished. “Ars longa, vita brevis”.

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  5. Marta, I have no idea why I believe vodka is involved somehow, but I do believe some vodka is required to arrive at the decision to burn the door of the security service, stop a stampeding horse, and go into a burning hut. I suspect that without vodka, none of these tasks are possible. Perhaps next, Pyotr Pavlensky will set his crotch on fire to protest the lack of Russian women willing to put the fire out. I have to go now. I just got an idea for a great story. 🙂

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