World without Russia


“Hide and seek with Russia”.


Globes without Russia are on sale in Estonia.

Children in Estonia will explore the world with new toy Globes where is no sign of Russia. I just wonder what would happen if those Globes hit the Russian market. It would turn our studying in school into something more easy and pleasant.

A geography teacher says, “Okay kids, in today’s lesson, we are going to learn about Russia. The first important fact about our country – it doesn’t exist. The lesson is over. Goodbye, everyone. See you later!”

What a fun and short lesson it would be!


33 thoughts on “World without Russia

  1. I would dread learning Russia history because there is simply too much to digest.

    One of those times I give thanks that my country only has 50 years of history 🙂

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  2. That would be an interesting looking globe, since Russia occupies such a large land mass. It could help solve some navigational problems for sailors, though, showing new quick access to Europe from the Pacific Ocean.

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  3. Can we just erase any nation we don’t like ? That would save money in the defense budget , maybe . Can Estonians sell the no-Russia globes to Russians ? Will Russia retaliate with no-Estonia globes ? Will we all be gone soon ?

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    • Selling the no-Russia globes to Russians is just like selling the Bible to an atheist. You can but it will not serve any practical purpose.
      What comes to retaliation I don’t think it will follow. Russians are quite kind as a nation.


  4. My puppy-love was from Estonia. She has an identical twin. Can only tell them apart by their walk! Her Mother was very subserviant and her Father was overly strict. So I don’t think the family was playing with a full bag of marbles in the first place… I think Estonia won a war in like 1214 or something. That’s the last I heard from them, LOL!

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  5. Marta, is it possible Russia forgot to pay for their spot on the globe? Maybe the email about the charges accidentally went to the spam folder with all the Nigerian officials announcing Russia has inherited money from their country and they can have the money for a small fee. There is always next year’s addition. 😀

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