How your blog identity can change your life


According to new research from Penn State University, virtual versions of ourselves can improve our health and well-being.

Your virtual image can affect your real life in ways you’ve never expected. People who customize their virtual selves are more likely to have a healthier lifestyle, according to the article by Matt Swayne. Customizing an avatar may even encourage you to exercise more and stick to a healthy diet.

The act of customizing an avatar seems to create a personal connection between people and their virtual alter egos and sticks with them in real life,” said S. Shyam Sundar, Distinguished Professor of Communications and co-director of the Media Effects Research Laboratory.

It’s true not only for virtual reality games like Second Life. This can be applied to your blog selves too.

I’ve noticed ever since the day virtual Marta Frant (it’s me) was born that I become a better person incrementally.

First, I’ve put my photo on my blog, thus confirming the stereotype that Russian girls are the most beautiful in the world. In doing so, I kind of took responsibility for this image. I feel that I should maintain the beauty bias in order to take and upload another photo someday, not worse than previous one (haven’t succeeded… yet). So, now, I’m more motivated to take care of my appearance and health.

Secondly, as a Russian blogger, I write posts in a second language. I know English so well that I can run a successful blog and communicate with other bloggers effortlessly. Of course, that’s not true. Constant memorizing, learning, correcting, Multitran-not-responding are always behind the scenes. Hence, I tend to become more oriented toward continuous language enhancement.

Finally, in my recent post I’ve told you that I’d started learning Italian. What a wonderful opportunity to become a polyglot! But, to be frank, after publishing that post I stopped learning it. Okay, it this case it hasn’t worked out but you can’t deny it could do so!

So do you observe any changes in your life?

How has your virtual self modified you?


48 thoughts on “How your blog identity can change your life

  1. To be honest, I can’t say my blog has changed my life at all. But, then, I had published twelve books and that may have done the trick! Your English is astonishingly good, by the way. Better than many of my students over the years.

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    • Of course, it depends on what kind of blog you have. I agree, it may change something indirectly with no visible signs. As for me, the blog is also a great self-confidence boost. And this in turn can change a lot.
      Thank you for your words.

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  2. Love this post! Your humor is spot on and I do think that it can change your life. I know that when I am ignoring my blog and stressed out with life, I can just become this whirlwind of getting things done. But when I’m thinking about my blog which is more focused on family life and trying to share the things we do that I think could help others or just others would enjoy, I become a better mother even because I’m just paying more attention, wondering how we could modify activities, come up with a simple meal that I can share but that the kids would love. Also, just being able to write and share makes me happy (as a kid I wanted to run my own magazine when I grew up). So yeah, I’m babbling, but awesome post!

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    • I’m so happy to hear that the point resonates with you! I too love to know that I can share something that can help others or just make a day a little brighter. Thank you for your lovely words. I really apprecite your feedback.


  3. Thanks for an interesting post Marta.I think I have a number of perspectives on your question. From a positive perspective, I think I am improving my creativity,my personal reflection on who am. In my writing and some of the responses I receive, I keep discovering new values, ideas etc. The flip side to this is many of us may only reveal part of our personas for various reasons. I guess this could have both positive and negative repercussions on your psyche.and your relationship with your readers. Thanks for the topic. Chevvy

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    • Interesting point! I agree that we don’t show our true selves fully. Of course, we want to seem a little better than we are in real life. Maybe our consciousness takes this “online version” at face value and that becomes a tiny step on the path to self-improvement. I would say that the virtual self and the real self are moving toward each other where the happy medium is.

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  4. How do you discern between American English, British English and Canadian English? Eh? Your post seem, at least to me, an American English flavor. My blog has done wonders for my running I fear having to write I failed so the blog and community drive me to succeed.

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    • I’m glad you find this information interesting. Blogging community makes my life happier too.
      I try to write in American English but I think I don’t do it on purpose. It’s all about the “ambiance”. It seems I soak up this language from the community 🙂

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  5. I don’t know if I can say my blog has changed me. I strive to better myself daily to begin with, so I really can’t say for sure. However, I’ve found that I’m improving in my writing. I would also says blogging is inspiring me to take on the hobby I never got a chance to learn: photography. 🙂

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  6. Great blog post Marta!
    It reminded me of my teenage years. I did not have the easiest life growing up, but my best friends and I played with barbies a lot. We built them houses, furniture, sewed them clothes, and played for hours. I was one and my best friend was the other. I am embarrassed to say that I played until I was almost 15 years old 🙂
    What it was for me was that my barbie, her house, her daily life (that I invented) was the person I wanted to be. A slightly older version of me.
    I know that this virtual universe back then completely changed/shaped how I saw myself. When things were not good, they reminded me of who I “truly was” in my mind. Oddly enough, the character of my barbie was the character grew into in my young adulthood, and I can still traces of it today, as a 43 year old.

    Oh, and yes of course, Russian girls are the most beautiful in the world 🙂


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    • Thank you, Natacha. Great memories! They evoked my own childhood memories. My friends and I played with barbies too. I had four barbies and they were absolutely different. Maybe back then I tried to decide what “kind of barby” I want to be in the future =) But a few years later, I got tired of these dress-up shows and we invented another play “A bank” pretending we are bank clerks. It was like a real-life bank with candy wrappers instead of money. That was the moment when I realized that money is more important than pretty dresses 🙂


  7. lol that’s kinda a nice stereotype! Please maintain the beauty bias! I could offer free “photo evaluation services” Hehe and btw your English doesn’t “look” like that of a learner* it’s #terrific 👌

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  8. Marta your English is perfect and I like your humor. For me my blog has not made me want to be better, it’s my being better that created my blog. Or maybe there’s an ulter ego lurking somewhere in my head. LOL Thanks for this post.

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  9. I so agree with this post – as soon as I saw the title! I feel like the image I put out on my blog encourages me to be a better me. I am a genuinely nice caring person, but I feel like writing my blog has turned me into more of a bubbly, healthy, happy, and passionate person!

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  10. Another great post Marta! Your fine qualities always shine through, much like your avatar. My blog has transformed my life completely. So, I agree with you. Recently, my very rambunctious head elves told me that my blog was dedicated to my subconscious and all the many things they wanted to say but my mouth refused to utter. So, they hijacked my fingers and the rest is as you see it. But most of all, what I find transforming is meeting brilliant people, like yourself, that bring forth such talent, wit, and diverse subjects in an artfully appealing way that I find my life enriched and happy for the time spent reading and exchanging comments. Thank you, Marta, for the many times you’ve made my day by way of a delightful smile. 😀

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  11. This is a really interesting post Marta and I definitely see how our virtual selves can impact the real us. Since starting my blog I try to make sure that my actions are reflective of my words as I’d hate to be a walking contradiction.

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  12. Until now, I was pretty much against putting my photograph on my blogs. I had plans to change my avatar, but I never really considered putting my own face up there. I don’t know why. Partly due to self conscious issues I assume, but perhaps some misguided idea of privacy–I write about myself, so having divulged that which is much more intrusive and honestly more revealing, perhaps a photo is not such a bad idea. I am going to have to think about this.
    Thanks for your post.

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  13. Fabulously beautiful, intelligent Russian woman, Marta, you know I am loving your blog! What I noticed with mine is that I have found a beautiful collaboration with other people. Someone suggested that i change the name from ‘Thinking about Creating’ to ‘Bare with Me’. I seem to have created a persona for myself 🙂

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  14. Love what you wrote here. I can’t testify to blogging having changed my life because I haven’t yet found myself in my blog. But I have strived to be the best me, I came to America when I was 14 years old, and I didn’t speak a word of English. Giving you lots of stars for being a beautiful woman and your English is impeccable. ❤

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  15. I would never believe that your an English learner. It really doesn’t sound like that AT ALL whenever I am reading your blog posts. Very well done to you for that! 👏 And good luck with learning Italian! I am also going to continue learning Italian. 😁

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