Cats know how to deal with it

Scientists always try to explain weird animal behaviors. That’s what they’ve found out:

Cats lick plastic bags to eliminate stress and boredom.

Cats hide in boxes to reduce short-term stress.

I have two questions to ask:

Why is a cat’s life so stressful?

And what do you do to cope with pre-holiday stress?


43 thoughts on “Cats know how to deal with it

  1. I don’t believe cats do anything for any reason other than they want to! Having owned an assortment of felines over the years, one thing is very clear – cats do crazy things but if you ever call their behaviour into question, they’ll hate you forever!!

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  2. Excellent idea, Marta. I’ve been relieving stress all wrong. Typical male bi-pedal hominid coping mechanisms don’t always work for the complexities of modern life. Plus, it’s not politically correct anymore. That’s why it keeps coming back. I think hiding in a box with a bottle of good vodka in a plastic bag would be a fine experiment for stress relief. It’s always wonderful to learn new things from nature and animals. 🤓

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  3. Exactly! What do cats have to stressed about – our pampered pets whine or scream about every can of food that does not meet with their gourmet standards. 🙂 Thank you for following me.

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