Santa doesn’t exist and two identical snowflakes do

*Keep the post away from children.


We all know the old adage: no two snowflakes are alike. I’ve watched a new interesting TED-Ed lesson recently called The science of snowflakes. It gives a clear and detailed proof why no two snowflakes are the same shape.

Then I came across an article Physicist grows twin snowflakes in 16 minutes published two days ago. The article says that if two growing snowflakes are exposed to the same conditions (humidity, temperature, and water saturation levels) at the exact same time, they will look exactly alike even at the macroscopic level.

Afterwards, I decided to dig deeper (I know I sound like a nerd) and found out that the original study had been published in 2008. The scientists have hidden the truth from the world for 8 years.

All these years I’ve been believing in the miracle of nature. Maybe there is something else that I don’t know yet but that had been proven years ago… My life will never be the same.



20 thoughts on “Santa doesn’t exist and two identical snowflakes do

  1. I’m appalled at science for hiding the fact that Santa doesn’t exist and letting the world’s young children believe in a fictional character that forces parents into an expensive role playing mode without the benefit of wearing a French Maid costume. Oh! I reread the article. My bad. The beauty of this knowledge is the micro-climate in which snowflakes are born changes faster than snowflakes can form so no two snowflakes are ever the same except when they are and no one is willing to fund the study to check all the snow to find out. Some assumptions can be made here that are perfectly healthy for our mental well being. However, if you were a lesbian that lived with two identical flakes, it wouldn’t be so unusual. Those relationships can form no matter what the weather is doing outside. 😀 Another great post Marta and I enjoy the comments as well. 😀

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    • In that article about the study, I’ve read: “In fact, in 1988, the Nancy Knight was studying snowflakes as part of her work with the National Center for Atmospheric Research and found two identical snowflakes of the hollow column type in a Wisconsin snowstorm.”
      I haven’t even been invented yet but the world’s miracles have already been exposed to the careful examination of scientific studies. But the real beauty of this knowledge is that in those days was already born the woman which could examine all the snowflakes in the snowstorm faster than the micro-climate changes.

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      • All my life I heard that no two snow flakes were alike. Now I know that in the old days before smart phones we had smart people and they knew that snow flakes could be identical and they proved it. I’ll bet the universe isn’t infinite either. 😀

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  2. Lot’s of clever people on your blog. I’m so dense I don’t even get these references to lesbians(???). I think all they really need to do is to qualify the snowflake statement to read: In nature . . .

    — YUR

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    • Agree with you on the people. I’m so happy to have so many kind and intelligent followers! Every piece of their (and your) feedback is a great incentive to keep writing.


  3. Santa comes to my house every year. He never responds to my letters though but he usually gets me what I ask for because I am usually a very good boy and leave him lots of cookies and milk!

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