You can read your Reader another way

Why are you looking at me like this? If you’ve ever asked this question, you can read human facial expressions and that time you didn’t like the information the expression conveyed.

New study conducted at the University of California, Berkeley, shows that standing in front of a large crowd we can read facial expression of every individual to recognize the overall mood of the crowd. And all this happens in a matter of seconds.

Our sensitivity to nonverbal behaviors is an important aspect of studying our evolutionary history. Our ability to detect even subtle emotions makes us emotionally intelligent and allows us to build better relationships with others. For example, when scanning the audience during your presentation, you can find out how they feel about your performance and make sure it has the desired impact on them.

So, how do you use your ability to read facial expressions in your daily life? How can we benefit from that biologically innate ability to feel other people’s emotions?

When you walk into McDonalds and immediately read the information from people’s faces that says that most of them are extremely happy with all day breakfast policy.

When you look at other kids in your daughter’s kindergarten and by reading the kids’ facial expressions you learn that the new kind of “normal Barbie” is exactly what they needed to see the world realistically.

When you walk into work and looking at your colleagues you somehow understand that they are perfectly aware of the fact that blogging is the biggest part of your most productive work time.

If we are programmed evolutionarily to read the information from other people’s faces, why don’t we use it in the internet world? What if WordPress had a tool enabling us to capture facial expressions of our readers while they are reading our posts? Just a quick snapshot. How do you accept the fact that I’m a news blogger whose posting frequency is one post per month? Сlick click.

40 thoughts on “You can read your Reader another way

    • Agree! I know that there are universities out there where they can teach you how to read facial microexpressions that “go on and off the face in a fraction of a second, sometimes as fast as 1/30 of a second.” Emotional intelligence level 80 =)

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  1. And the examples you gave are very apt… And also I would also want such tool on WordPress which captures the facial expressions of readers while reading the posts.. Haha.. 😉 Happy weekend..

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  2. Marta! This is incredible, I was just thinking about you when your post popped up. Okay, they’ve suspected me of witchcraft before, now I’m starting to suspect myself LOL. You’ll see why I was thinking about you in a few minutes 🙂

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  3. I try not to hide anything that way there is nothing to read. I think that the TV series Lie to Me was about turning facial recognition into a hobby/sport. It’s tricky because we could up relying on superficial presentations to guide our assessments of people.

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  4. I absolutely believe the study. For instance, I can tell your avatar is politely skeptical of my comment. On seeing our readers faces when they read our blogs, this is a good reason why I refuse to blog in my underwear. If I did something crazy like that, I ‘m sure the expression on your avatar’s face would change and I would suddenly realize that people are infuriated with me when I wear boxers. It would be a good hint that I should hire a fashion consultant. But, as it turns out, I’m sensitive to this kind of facial expression and I always dress well when blogging to avoid it. I’m not sure about others.

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    • I’m a great believer that our clothes have profound effects in terms of how we act and feel. So, I prefer to wear something nice yet comfortable. In Russia, it’s widely accepted that we should wear bathrobes (the more colorful, the better) while at home, but to me, it’s extremely inconvenient. Thus, I opt for jeans and T-shirts. I have to find some T-shirts with funny blogging quotes just in case my camera suddenly turns on by itself.

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  5. 😊 😉 😂 This was my face while reading your post, except it wasn’t yellow. Very clever Marta! And yes, I teach and oftentimes read my students’ faces to see if they are getting it or not.

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  6. Very interesting!
    This reminded me of ‘Lie to me’ the show as they focus on micro-expressions, which are said to be only picked up by a few people naturally.

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