They did it. Scientists developed brains

Their creator and project leader, Professor Thomas Hartung, called them “a primitive type of thinking”. I hope he didn’t read my first posts on WordPress, seems like he did…

Professor Hartung and his team created the mini-brains for drug research. Most drugs which pass animal tests fail in human trials. So, now we have a tool to predict drug effects in humans without hurting those cute rodents.

Nobody should have an excuse to still use the old animal models,” Prof Hartung said.

According to the scientists, the mini-brains are about the size of a fly’s eye but their neurons create normal neural networks and electrical impulses required for thinking activity.

Now “mini-brains” is no longer an insult, but a significant breakthrough in tissue engineering that will make our lives safer and well… smarter.



22 thoughts on “They did it. Scientists developed brains

  1. Wow… That’s an amazing achievement in science and Medicine.. Kudos.. Mini Brain model will help us predicting the result of drugs without harming any animals and pets.. Have a great time.. 🙂

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  2. This is good news, Marta. The world of medicine and psychology have made many breakthroughs recently in understanding how the brain functions and reacts to the flood of chemicals and hormones that make us what we are. I wouldn’t mind having a few minibrains as friends. When they get bored of me, where can they go? They have no legs and I have a captive audience. Great post as always. 😀

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    • Haha interesting idea, Daniel! What if we combine the mini-brains and a new “normal” Barbie? I’ve always dreamed of having a doll that’s smart enough to choose an outfit on her own but not enough to escape my toy box 🙂

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      • I see it in your near future, Marta. A nice Barbie with curves and a dress size in positive numbers. She can be happy with all her fashion choices and never entertain the idea of running away with the teddy bear in the corner of the toy box. 😀

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  3. Oh dear…I’m not sure how to feel about this. Yes, it would be great if we won’t be needing animals for testing anymore, but at the same time the possibility to create ‘super-humans’….
    (I read some pages/posts, like the way you write!)

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