The easiest thing to do

Today, while reading Somerset Maugham’s short story The traitor, I came across these words: “It is never very difficult to get to know anyone who has a dog.”

Given the reality of today’s world I would paraphrase the quote a little.

It is never very difficult to get to know anyone who has a blog.

The other day I started my second blog (it will be totally in Russian so I’m not sure adding the link here makes any sense). Yes, it also means I won’t torture your eyes with the Cyrillic alphabet anymore.

Unfortunately, WordPress is not as popular in Russia as its English-language version is but I’ve already met some really interesting people here! You know Russia is so big that sometimes you have to start a blog to meet like-minded people 🙂

33 thoughts on “The easiest thing to do

  1. Ah! Delightful Somerset Maugham! Know the tale well.
    What a shame I never got round to learning Russian…..I am an incorrigible devotee of Russia. Hugs! ❤

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  2. Marta, you are a Blogstar. That’s awesome. I was thinking Russia is so big you need several blogs to reach from one end to the other. I look forward to many more posts and every opportunity to use my Google translator. It says such funny things sometimes. 😀

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  3. Marta I’m sorry I am posting this here but I tried to respond in your 1 year blogging birthday but it wouldn’t let me. So congratulations and many blessings for many more blogging years, I’m happy to know you here.

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  4. Marta, I am sorry for the errors. I mean for reciprocating the gesture. May the favor of the Lord never depart. I didn’t have the time to reverse my comment because I have to go out.

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  5. Great idea and thanks for noticing my blog. As a newbie to blogging, I had to muster some major courage to undertake this project. It is still under development. I may “borrow” your idea and post some musings in German. Maybe someone out there will even offer to help me enhance my postings with color and graphics! Have fun with the Russian endeavor!

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  6. …and Mark Twain said, “When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction.”
    Dog, blog, cat…smile.
    Thank you for visiting nothingcluelesslost.
    Amazing that you are blogging in two languages.
    Sometimes I sit and think what expression/communication would be like in the, say, 23rd century? Now we blog. What would it be like then? Could we connect on a different level, in a different way?
    Would we still write books?
    It is just incredible how blogging has brought humanity closer.

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    • Totally agree with you! It’s a fascinating thing that we can learn a lot of new things and become closer just by blogging.
      Since I write about science news and breakthroughs, I can confidentially tell you what communication would be like in, for example, 22nd century (at least how scientists see it). They say we’ll be communicating through virtual reality devices without even meeting people IRL. In fact this will already be possible in 21st century. How do you like this level of connection? 😉


  7. Fascinating! And, AR, augmented reality, brings us even closer without being there. Probably one day we will sit on our couch and have vigorous discourse without even a device. I would love to experience that right now already and I have played with the idea frequently. Still at this point an external object is required that we can communicate through even though we already don’t have to be present IRL.

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  8. Marta,it’s Eric, first of all it’s really special that you can speak, write and read two different languages, let alone blog in them. I wish I was bilingual. Anyway, I am really into learning about other countries/cultures and what it’s like. I’d love to have email communication with you about what it is like for you in Russia. That’s what I’ve been trying to get at when I ask for you to email me. I constantly hear so many misconceptions from people here in the states,…too much hatred and they get much of it from media. I know what is not right when I hear it and it bothers me. I seek to know what I am talking about, it’s education. In this world, the way things are, it’s up to us common folk to reach out and communicate to know about each other so that we can perhaps change things for the better.
    Just my thoughts on the matter.

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