How to get a fast response to your email

According to a recent study, there are some common strategies that can be used if you don’t want to wait too long for an email reply.

In the study, 16 billion emails from more than 2 million Yahoo Mail users were studied in order to find some typical response patterns.

And here’re the results:

  1. The most common reply length is five words
  2. More than 90 percent of replies are sent within a day
  3. Replies are shorter later in the day and on weekends
  4. The younger the receiver, the faster and shorter their replies
  5. Men send faster and shorter replies than women do
  6. Users respond faster to emails received during weekdays and working hours
  7. Emails with attachments took twice as long to get a reply as those without

So, if you want to get a reply and, more importantly, a faster one, try to meet the following requirements.

Make sure your email is sent in the first half of the day during weekdays, it doesn’t contain any attachments, and your receiver is a young man. The ideal situation will be if the Moon is in the fifth house and Mercury is not in retrograde. Of course, it’s preferable but not essential.

28 thoughts on “How to get a fast response to your email

  1. Honestly, I think they forgot to mention those young men were responding to emails from their girlfriend asking what he had on his mind for the weekend. I think that explains why the email quits on the weekend because no one will answer their smartphone. Lots of battery life is wasted on fruitless buzzing and chirping to alert the busy couple that they got mail. Oh, and that attachment. It’s a scam. Don’t open it just delete it. 😀 Great post, Marta. I loved the last part about the moon in the fifth house of mercury. 😀

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  2. Always finish up with “I didn’t have time to write a short email, so I wrote a long one instead”. Mr Twain being a favourite author of mine.

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