To read or not to be

Being a blogger is a noble mission (being a paid blogger is also a beautiful mission, but that’s another story altogether). Nevertheless, if you want to have a successful blog, you should treat it like you get paid to write. Act like a professional.

Every professional needs to have an instrument, and your instrument as a blogger is information. I tend to think that the most decent equivalent of information is a book. In all types of its earthly embodiments – screens or paper. It’s up to you.

Neuroscientists have always been interested in reading process. What’s really happening inside your brain case when letters turn into words, words into sentences, and sentences into the second volume of The Twilight Saga?

Up until today, scientists have only monitored participants’ neural activity during reading of just individual words. It doesn’t provide a clear picture because our reading speed is several words per second.

The researchers have come up with a solution. They combined functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with eye tracking. The study results showed that words are represented in the brain not as abstract symbols but as visual images of the real world. For example, when the participants read about Harry Potter’s first flying lesson, the brain lights up in the same regions as it would if they saw other people’s motion.

The researchers plan to use these findings for diagnosing and treating memory problems, attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, side effects of a stroke and brain injury.

This study closely resonates with the latest research of speed reading that shows that it is not a super power of the 21st century, but a loss of a large amount of information during reading. Even if you have a toned brain, you have no time to process all the visual information when you significantly increase your reading rate.

So, if you read a new book, maybe it’s time to slow down and savor it?

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53 thoughts on “To read or not to be

  1. Great point – I’ve never been a fast reader, so I guess I’ll fit into the movement. Someone once told me he only read the dialogue in books – because the rest wasn’t necessary to the plot!

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  2. Interesting read Marta; lots of information about how we process information… Informative! It’s weird with me. Every time I go to read a book, I fall asleep. It’s too relaxing!

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  3. I found this really interesting because of two things. 1) i was always admired those who could speed read because they could take in so much info and read sooo much efficiently, and 2) i came across actual scientific articles supporting your arguments. The brain has a slow and fast processor and it said if you wanted to (essentially get smarter) then read slower and truly imagine and understand the content. Sorry for the babbling but i really liked this post!

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  4. Big fan of slow reading here as well. A good book is like a delicious glass of wine or whiskey…you want to savor it! (Okay, sometimes you may want to down it really fast.)

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  5. Great post. I try to savour the books I read but if I am really enjoying the book, I naturally seem to speed up! Great blog too. New follower here 🙌😁

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  6. That’s interesting info! And good writing. I have been having some dialogue with friends about whether or not it’s cheating to LISTEN to books. I am experimenting with Audible for the first time just to make note of the differences in how I take in information via reading versus listening. It’s for sure a completely different experience. Noodling around on a blog post on this topic. Glad to have found your site. Yay!

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    • Thank you a lot for the feedback! It’s very nice to hear you enjoyed the post and my blog as a whole 💃To be honest I love written words too much to listen to audiobooks 🎼🎧

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      • I agree! I love words. Physical beautiful words. I even have a hard time reading books on my iPad because I love the SMELL of words on the page. Library books are the best because I am always wondering who read it just before me. There is kind of an aura in used or borrowed books, a sense of camaraderie. Plus I am finding my mind wanders too much when I am just listening. But maybe that is a skill I need to hone in on. Especially since I am in sales for a living. Ha! Thanks for following my blog. Look forward to connecting with you in the future.

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  7. And I thought I was one of only a few that likes to dwell on the little details. Books, films, gaming; I cannot help put pause and think to myself about the most insignificant details (though significant to me) before continuing. I enjoyed this article.

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  8. Totally agree with the top section – writing a blog is unpaid but write like a pro anyway.
    As for speed reading, I am not surpised theres a huge data loss, the mind doesnt have time to absorb it all. I have always been quite a slow reader, enjoying the text.

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  9. Oh, Marta! You have rescued my self-esteem. I was dragging it behind me like an alligator’s tail. Now, several body parts have perked up. I always have strong visuals when I read and I don’t drink and read because of the dangers of double vision. I don’t mind reading a book twice but not all at once. Yes, I am a slow reader. I amble through the story, get lost in it, yell at the characters or offer them advice. They don’t listen but I still try. If I speed through it, when I put the book down, I still don’t know what the story is about. Now I know, all this time I was doing it right. Thank you, Marta for this insightful post. 😀

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