Social media paradox or just another evolution law?


When you were a kid, you realized you are different. You are special. It’s okay, we all think that way. But there is something we do all have in common.

The average human living in social media and blogosphere has a feeling that almost all their friends, followers and fellow bloggers are way more popular than they are. Have you noticed that? Your friends have more followers, views, likes and funny pictures than you do. But is there any scientific reason for this phenomenon?

Yes, there is.

Scientists turned their measuring instruments towards our beloved Facebooks, Twitters and other Instagrams. As a result, they found out that the mysterious paradox ‘everyone-else-is-more-popular-than-me’ is just another law of hierarchy (or evolution if you like). People tend to follow those who are more popular than themselves or at least as popular as they are. In other words, we are far more likely to follow up🔝, rather than down.

The hierarchical nature of social media makes us act this way.

So, the next time you think that life is not fair, the world is a cruel place, and you are not as liked as others, don’t even think about it! It’s just how online social connections work.

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31 thoughts on “Social media paradox or just another evolution law?

  1. so true. actually we shouldn’t even be comparing lives in social media but the real life outta it coz i’ve come to believe there is so much hypocrisy in social media and some of us do not show the real them

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  2. Very interesting post!
    However my experience in the last couple of weeks, since I joined twitter is slightly different: people with thousand of follower started following me, and I am not famous, this for sure.
    I can imagine that part of it is for advert: start ups helper follow me – one who want to be a freelancer. It makes sense. I like to believe that there is something more, like they like my blog, or my drawings, or something else.
    Luckily I realize quite quickly it is healthier if don’t get too excited about. It is only internet.

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    • When it comes to the internet, ‘don’t get too excited about it’ is the best piece of advice one can give! Thank you a lot for your perspective and insightful comment. I totally share your position!

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  3. I still don’t seem to reach many people. I know a few of my pieces have been seen by at least ten thousand people, but not all of my work. I write about a very overcrowded subject (video games), so I don’t really have a voice that resonates with the world outside of a small niche.

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  4. I believe this study- every word of it. And I believe in your blog – every word of it. Now you know why I am such a devoted fan of yours. You are 500 times more popular than I am and your blog is 1000 times better than mine. Secretly, I believe that if I tell people that I follow Marta Frant, they will like me. So far, that theory is slow to prove itself. But, I know that following your blog and reading your posts just makes my day. I can’t turn away. So it looks like you are stuck with me unless you move to a new blog and don’t leave a forwarding address. 😀

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    • You are too kind to me, Daniel🙏 I think it’s all about time – how much you devote to your blog. I suppose I’m still too naive and need this kind of social interaction more than you do. For content, I’m confident that our blogs are just incomparable. Mine is a mess of scientific facts and amateur remarks, and it can’t be judged by the same criteria as your writing. It’s like comparing a shot from a cheap camera with a masterpiece of a famous artist. No matter how good reality is, imagination is always better.

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      • The true sign of greatness is one’s achievement viewed with a humble disregard while others are bathed in the light of that same achievement. Woven in the fabric of your posts is a clever wit, sharp intellect, and endearing charm. “No matter how good reality is, imagination is always better.” Absolutely, Marta. Using one’s imagination or fueling the imagination of others is the soul of creativity. We may never be called masters but we have laughed often and our noisy head elves remain eager for more. 😀 😉

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