Let me introduce you to Mr. Discomfort.

EVERY TIME I choose my steamed veggies instead of my favorite chocolate cheesecake I say “thank you” to Mr. Discomfort.

Every time I start my high-intensity interval training or a piano lesson I say “thank you” to Mr. Discomfort.

Every time I make myself sit down and practice English (my mother tongue is Russian) I say “thank you” to Mr. Discomfort.

In fact, Mr. Discomfort is one of my closest friends (to be honest I don’t have many friends, probably talking to inanimate objects all the time has something to do with it).

Why do we resist change and want it so badly at the same time?

With all this social media, marketing, advertising we’re used to quick fixes (as least that’s what we expect from it). It seems like every company and every product pusher claim that your dream (goal, happiness, unexpected happiness) is almost here, just do quick one-two-three steps and reach out your hand to grab it.

But what if everyone starts telling the TRUTH?

You can’t lose weight with my program in 10 days – it will take you months and years of constant effort, sweat, and tears to get there.

You can’t learn a foreign language with my course in one month – it will take you years of deliberate practice to be able to talk to someone so that they listen to you closely without temptation to close their ears and run away.

The thing is that substance between our ears is hardwired to save energy using every possible way. It seeks comfort. But in reality comfort is what we should be afraid of. Seek discomfort instead.

Where is it?

It’s actually everywhere, so we’re lucky.

Discomfort lives at the gym. It lives in your fitness app you downloaded 2 years ago and opened twice. It lives in all those self-improvement books but you can find it only when you start implementing those ideas into your day-to-day life.

I’m grateful to Mr. Discomfort. He makes me stronger, healthier, and more powerful. He’s a strict guy, pretty straightforward, and tough at times. But he brings me happiness (and unexpected happiness at times).

Are you friends with Mr. Discomfort or you try to stay away from him?

11 thoughts on “Let me introduce you to Mr. Discomfort.

  1. Me and Mr. D are on speaking terms, but that’s about as far as it goes. He wakes me from my naps and gives me chores to do. He nags at me. And he lectures and argues. We’ve been in a few fights at times. Sometimes he wins, sometimes I win. We’re not exactly friends, but we do have a healthy respect for each other.

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