Blogger’s Balance


After that horrible day when my grandma fell asleep on the beach, she can’t sleep without lights on.

Now it’s time to unplug completely and to get rid of all the wires that connect me with the rest of the world. Sometimes we need to become absorbed in our own world for a little while in order to renew our energy and restore our fragile balance. Blogger’s balance is fragile. Now I know this firsthand.

I will be offline for more than two weeks but as soon as I get home I will read your posts, my dear fellow bloggers, and comment on them tapping not white as always but tanned fingers on my laptop keyboard.

The post would not be complete without a smart quote. Isak Dinesen once said, “The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea”.  Well, I choose the latter.

I promise you, the only wires in my hotel room will be fridge wires and iron wires. And the picture is a small reminder. It conveys important and simple truth that you should use a sunscreen, otherwise you will get back to the hotel older than you were when you came to the beach. Much older.


17 thoughts on “Blogger’s Balance

  1. Your gran looks good though (minus the added tan). Hm, I wonder if I should visit a beach…365 here and I haven’t been to one (as in actually go into the water…or do anything beach-y) in years.

    Enjoy detaching from the connecting and the connected. I hope you return with: the symphony of sea crashing against the shore, the hissing of the sand, and the dragging of the sea back into itself as your new favourite instrumental; and the gently blowing breeze with a slight kiss of the sun as the newest touch you yearn for.

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  2. As I type this, I am hoping the little bar that indicates your charge is at 100% and that you will have wonderful stories to tell of your time by the shore.

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  3. As a skin cancer sufferer, I hope you will not be stingy with your sunblock. As my dermatologist said, “There is no such thing as a healthy tan.”

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