Why so Russian?


I took this photo on my way to Moscow Vnukovo Airport. The signboard ‘Шаурма’ proclaims it as a local takeaway where you can buy a delicious Шаурма (Shaurma). It can be called Falafel, stuffed pita or wrap meat. Shaurma is a meat dish made from finely chopped meat rolled up in a lavash (flatbread) together with vegetables and garlic sauce. It’s a good upside-down alternative to McDonald’s, isn’t it?


51 thoughts on “Why so Russian?

    • I haven’t had Doner Kebab but I think it’s pretty much the same 🙂 It would be difficult to transform this name into some American restaurant’s or takeaway’s name. Though maybe Russian graphic designers would be able to turn the word Kebab into KFC =)

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  1. Ha-ha, very good! By the way, I have nominated your blog for the Infinity Dreams Award. It would be great if you can post your response to my questions. Cheers 🙂

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  2. Welcome back, Marta! Did you get the proper tan to carry you through the winter? I think because I am a human eating machine, I would like to try an upside down McDonald and later I could work it off with a jog in my Nicke shoes. I like the clever word engineers. I’m sure they are very good at their job. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Daniel! Yes, I like my tan though it’s not as intensive as other Russians’ tan who haven’t use their sunscreen 🙂 I doubt it will live to see the winter but at least 2 tan months will be enough for me.

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      • I’m glad to read you practiced good sun safety techniques :-). I grew up in Florida and spent a lot of time at the beach. We never wore sunscreen and fried our little selves like bacon every year. Now I must go to the doctor often to find out if the strange lumps, bumps, marks, barnacles are cancer and if they are they have to come off. It’s hard to give permission to have part of yourself you’ve come to know and love removed with a scalpel or laser. The doctor always scolds me for not wearing sunscreen. I told him to take it up with my parents. I wasn’t in charge of sunscreen back then. So, being careful now pays off much later. 🙂

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      • When I visited a dermatologist (with my mother) about 10 years ago, she told me not to sunbathe at all because I have too white and too sensitive skin. But I have the most common problem that is not to be satisfied with what Mother Nature gave us. Like you know all girls tend to straighten curly hair and curl straight hair. So, on the outside it probably seemed like I was preparing myself to be rolled up in the lavash for Shaurma.

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      • LOL! As they used to say a long time ago, you were a hot dish. I have avoided the sun since the doctor began removing parts of me they felt were sun damaged. I’m so glad I always wore my swimming clothes as there are some things I get very nervous about near cutting instruments. later, I developed a vitamin D deficiency so the doctor told me I needed more sun and go easy on the sun screen. WTH! I suspected he had to make payments on his Mercedes Benz and he wanted me to come back more often for surgery. So do your lavash for Shaurma sun protection and get plenty of sunshine. To hell with the doctor’s car payment. 🙂

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  3. Moreover I have come across another funny thing in Moscow lately. Near the Kurskaya metro station there is a booth called “Шаурма King” with the Burger King emblem =)

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    • Judging by their proliferation, those places are the new normal in our country. I like the way some companies think that by spelling their name/product/signboard in English, they add to their popularity and quality in the eye of the customers. And nobody else but the company’s executive knows his firm is not international. It’s common here. It’s like you know two Russians are talking about Middle Eastern dishes in English. You know what I mean ; )

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  4. LOL. It is a good upside-down alternative. I thought it was somehow a MacDonald’s looking at the logo. And Shawarma! I love those esp. the Falafel Shawarma. There are a lot of Middle Eastern food-vendors in Antigua, and most of them sell Shawarmas. No MacDonald’s here however…which is pretty perfect. (We have enough junk food franchises: Burger King: and KFC, which has been here for so long it is a staple.)

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    • Yes, Shawarma and Shaurma are very popular in our country too. As for me, I try to steer away form junk foods not because of my healthy eating solutions and all that stuff. I just don’t feel well after eating that kind of food 🙂 But I really love national cuisine of a lot of countries.


    • haha you are very watchful 🙂 I’ll reveal you a dirty secret, there are some restaurants in Russia where they have a hidden toilet next to a kitchen. And you never know what kind of restaurant you chose this time. That’s what we call Russian roulette 😉

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  5. Since moving here I’ve had more issues with “famous Russian service” than food poisoning. And I always tend to assume that a place which has made the effort to provide good service will also be fairly clean… and I don’t go back to the other places. ))

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    • Honestly, Russian restaurants have never given me cause to question the quality of their food, even when it was long-awaited 🙂 And yet, I prefer to cook at home.


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