Let it be my mantra


I’ve come across these devine words on Thomas Dustin Instagram account and I want to share it with you. I’m so grateful that I’ve found this piece of wisdom, that I don’t even want to add anything to that. I want it to be my everyday mantra.

“No matter how painful or confusing or hard life can be – Never give up hope.

No matter how dark or strange current events seem – Always stay focused on a higher purpose.

There is so much more to this life than meets the eye. Civilizations far greater and far more ancient than ours have always shown us the true nature of human potential and it is by no coincidence that those great truths and great mysteries have been subdued, tarnished, twisted, indoctrinated, or otherwise destroyed.

Our ancestors braved incredible odds and employed unimaginable energies to birth humanity into the golden age and we owe it to them and ourselves to live our lives in harmony with this beautiful planet and in peace with one another.

So, if you are ever feeling down, or weak, or not good enough, or if you are ever feeling lost or empty or lacking purpose, call on those who came before you.

They are always with you, and if you look into our great human history, you will see the evidence of powerful forces at play. Humanity is not simply the result of a series of colliding particles but manifested through the divine and celestial orchestration of infinite and intentional grace.

So, be hopeful. Be vigilant. Be a pioneer. Be devoted.

Dive deep into the ancient mysteries and explore.

Have a thirst for knowledge and explore the realms of higher consciousness. Science and spirituality are not opposing elements but actually complementary pillars of the temples of discovery.

Expand your heart and mind to the infinite wonder and possibility of the worlds around you. Above all, believe in yourself and trust you’re here for a purpose.

You’re a child of light made up of stardust. Live accordingly”.

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